Digimon Rumble Arena

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Release date(s)North America:


Genre(s)Fantasy Role Playing
Available onPSX

A popular Digimon Game for PSX

This game is similar to Dragon Ball Z games, you can fight using a variety of techniques, and can digivolve when the gauge fills to use different and more powerful techniques.

There are also three mini-games, and a 2 player mode to keep you occupied as well.

[edit] Mini-Games

Three minigames are available in this game:

  • Digivolve Race
  • Basketball Game
  • Target Game

[edit] BasketBall

Agumon and Beelzemon BM in the Baskttball game.

Pressing the SQUARE button in this minigame will make a gauge appear, indicating the power with which the ball will be thrown in the air. Release the button to make your digimon throw the ball. By getting the ball into a basket you win one point. Whoever gets 10 balls in the basket first wins. Be careful though, the basket won't hold its position forever, it will move around during the game.

[edit] Digivolve Race

Agumon races Veemon in the Digivolve Race.

The winner out of this game is the player who manages to digivolve their digimon first or has advanced the most before the time runs out. This is done by hitting a punching ball. Press the SQUARE button to hit the punching ball in front of your digimon. As you keep hitting, your Digivolve Point Gauge increases.

[edit] Target Game

Gabumon vand Imperialdramon FM in the Target Game.

Pressing the SQUARE button will make the ball your digimon is holding increase in size. Release the button to shoot the ball. If the ball hits the target you will get some points. Your targets will be a bunch of constantly moving figures (diamonds, starts), flying above your digimon's head. The more you hold the button, the farther your ball will go. In order to win you have to get as many points as possible within the designated time limit.

[edit] Secrets

Please see Secrets of Digimon Rumble Arena

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