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Amaterasu Server was one of the five servers on which Digimon Online was played in Digimon World 2003 and Digimon World 3. The server was initially darker than Asuka Server having been taken over by the A.o.A. Most of the people in the server had been transformed into Oinkmon as a result of the A.o.A extracting their matrix data. After Junior defeated the A.o.A, Amaterasu was the first server to be back online and - now with light - was used for the test version of the new Digimon Online. The digimon here are generally stronger than those in the Asuka Server. It also homes the 6 black digimon in the place where you would battle the ancient digimon in Asuka Server for the old/rusty weapons that enable you to get the 5 epic weapons.

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