Japanese Nameバケモン (Bakemon)
Special TechniqueDark Claw

Digivolution Line


Bakemon (ソウルモン "Bakemon") is a Champion level digimon. They are Virus digimon, ghosts that hang around in spooky places. They are evil digimon, and they will torment any strangers that happen to wander in. They can disappear at will and their special technique is a shredding attack with the attribute of darkness called Dark Claw.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Series 1

Bakemon appeared on an episode where Joe and Sora, along with their digimon, found their way onto a dark island. All the residents turned out to be Bakemon in disguise, who then locked Gomamon and Biyomon away, and were ready to have Joe and Sora for supper. They were all defeated though, when Biyomon and Gomamon digivolved into Birdramon and Ikkakumon.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

Bakemon is a playable digimon and can also be recruited to the city on this game. To obtain him, any Rookie must die with less than 50% discipline. There is a 50% chance of them digivolving to Bakemon when they recover.

Elecmon digivolves to Bakemon naturally as well.

Bakemon can digivolve to SkullGreymon and Giromon.

Bakemon can also special digivolve to Vademon if it's age reaches 15 days. When this requirement is fulfilled, there is a 50% chance of Bakemon digivolving to Vademon.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

Bakemon is a playable card. It is a champion darkness card with Eat-Up-HP support.

A Bakemon appears as a post-game tamer the player can challenge in Dark City. His Dancing Ghosts deck specializes in Eat-Up-HP supports and Dark Bone cards. He also runs a heavy amount of Recovery Floppy cards.

[edit] Digimon World 3

Bakemon is an enemy you can fight in this game, found at the Jungle Grave. You can also use Bakemon as a playable monster card in the Card Battle side quest.

[edit] Digimon World DS

Bakemon digivolves from Goburimon at level 14. It does not digivolve any further.

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