Japanese Name
Special Technique
VariationsBanchoLeomon Burst Mode

Digivolution Line


BanchoLeomon was Spencer Daimen's partner. They both met the same way Marcus and Agumon did. The fight also ended the same way in them both became friends. Spencer went to find King Drasil when Craniummon appeared and fought them. Spencer had released his DNA Charge and digivolved him into BanchoLeomon Burst Mode. When they had won King Drasil had appeared and believed him. When Spencer failed only because of Kurata's attack King Drasil was going to execute him when BanchoLeomon came instead and punched Spencer in the face and when he did Spencer's soul had transferred into BanchoLeomon himself.


  • Flash Bancho Punch: His very strong punch boasts even greater strength
  • King Lion: He slashes at his enemies with his katana furiously.

[edit] Anime Appearances

BanchoLeomon appears when Marcus and the others were losing to Gizumon XT and BanchoLeomon destroyed them all. Also BanchoLeomon appears when he sacrifices himself to create the mountain that was created from Spencer's DNA Charge which was sealed off inside of him. But when Craniummon took his place and set BanchoLeomon free he went to assist Marcus in his fight with King Drasil when he finally tells Marcus that he is in fact his father Spencer Daimen.

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