Beelzemon Blast Mode

Beelzemon Blast Mode
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MegaBeelzemon Blast Mode

Beelzemon Blast Mode is the result of Impmon digivolving into him when he has a toy gun as a present and it is energized by his Mega form Beelzemon transforming him into Beelzemon Blast Mode. In this mode nothing is really changed other than his enormous gun, his wings ,and his clothes change to a shade of gray.


Corona Blaster: He fires huge energy blasts from his enormous gun.

Corona Destroyer: He draws an inverted pentagram with his enormous gun and fires energy blasts through it.

Darkness Claw: He attacks his enemies with his razor sharp claws.

Double Impact: He rapidly fires off bullets from his shotgun.

[edit] Anime Appearance

[edit] Digimon Tamers

Beelzemon Blast Mode appears in this series with intentions to save Jeri from the D-Reaper. He goes on the rescue mission for Jeri with Calumon. He gets attacked by bubbles and is knocked out then is captured. When he wakes he attempts to escape when Grani saves him and joins up with Gallantmon to attempt to re enter the Kernel Core to save Jeri which then Gallantmon destroys the Gate Keeper. When he does that Beelzemon Blast Mode comes and uses Leomon data to use his attack Fist of the Beast King and destroys the barrier and finally saves Jeri.'

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