Blood Knights

The Blood Knights are an army of revolutionaries that played a significant role in the events of Digimon World 2. Most of the time it is in fact the Blood Knights that the player must fight against and win in order to progress. The Blood Knights are very organized, and unlike the typical arrogant wild Digimon that plot against the Digital City, the Blood Knights plan ahead when they make their move. In addition, they are divided in ranks, just like a real military force.


[edit] Story

About 30 years prior to the events of Digimon World 2, the Digital City was struck by a revolt when the Blood Knights surfaced. They were originally Guard Tamers of the city, but they had secretly been plotting against the city's leaders under the young but intelligent tamer Crimson. When they started the war, they were all very inexperienced and suffered a heavy defeat against the Digital City. However, Crimson, being the genius he was, escaped with a number of his officers and went into hiding deep within the Directory Continent. In fear of the Blood Knights' revenge, people started to move away from the Digital City and eventually built shelters such as the Meditation Dome and Device Dome. But the peace remained for 30 years instead, until the Blood Knights had estabilished a large military force. With their new personnel, they decided to build their power even greater by going to the File Island to recruit evil Digimon to their cause. It was unfortunate for them, however, that a Guard Tamer happened to run into a Blood Knight. Information spread quickly, and another war broke out.

[edit] Characters & Ranks

[edit] Officers

The Blood Knights Officer is above the average personnel. They are mostly encountered in Domains located at the Directory Continent. Their Digi-Beetles always have the Steel Body, and are mostly black with some red stripes and decorations here and there.

[edit] Commanders

The Blood Knights Commander is a Blood Knight of a higher rank. They can be found in Domains on the File Island. Their Digi-Beetles are exceptionally large, and nothing like the Digital City's vehicles; they are purple and white to some extent, but have notable golden coloring around the body and the cannons.

[edit] Commander Damien

Damien is a high-ranking officer of the Blood Knights, and apparently has been in the group's ranks ever since the first revolt. He follows Crimson all the way to the end, claiming that he has known Crimson for a long time and considers him his friend. Damien's Digi-Beetle has a Steel Body, and it is blue and white.

Damien was ordered directly to search for the Archive Ship, a transport that people used to escape from File Island long ago when the Digimon started to become wild. Damien was first confronted by Akira at Disk Domain, where he was trying to lure Bertran into a trap. He was defeated there, but he would later challenge Akira into a battle at Code Domain. After another defeat there, he stood in the path through Laser Domain, where Crimson was also met at the first time. After this encounter, Damien was not seen in a while, but when Akira returned from File Island, there were two domains; Bug Domain and RAM Domain where Damien lurked in with a number of Blood Knights Commanders. Akira flushed them all out of the domains, and Damien decided to take an alternate approach; to bomb Digital City. He disguised himself as a Black Sword Tamer and planted several time bombs all over the city. Unfortunate for him, Esteena had followed him and disarmed the bombs. When Akira caught Damien at the Tamer's Club, Esteena and several guards came in and captured Damien. Damien, however, refused to speak up and reveal Crimson's hidden location, but agreed to tell if it was Akira he would speak to. Damien explained that Crimson wasn't himself anymore, and wished that Akira would save him from a greater evil.

[edit] Crimson

Crimson is the mastermind and leader of the Blood Knights. He was originally a respected Guard Tamer of the Digital City, but after his many discoveries and successful missions, he found an unknown life form. It was the Digital World's supreme operator, OverLord GAIA himself. Crimson's mind was completely overwhelmed, and GAIA made him a part of his evil experiment. Crimson's free will was now drowned by GAIA's desire to control the entire Digital World, and thus Crimson formed the Blood Knights with his closest friends and followers. Eventually, they revolted, but suffered a heavy defeat against the Digital City forces and retreated. After 30 years of hiding, he finally surfaced again, more powerful than ever before. He used Laser Domain as his frontline base. Crimson's new objective was to find the first wild Digimon, ChaosLord, and ally with him to gain control of File Island and use its habitants to conquer the Directory Continent as well. Akira quickly interfered, and despite the Blood Knights' best efforts, defeated many of Crimson's new and old minions, including ChaosLord and his Chaos Generals. Just prior to his confrontation with Akira in Soft Domain, Crimson received the DNA of all the Chaos-series Digimon from ChaosLord. Only moments after, Akira defeated ChaosLord as well. Crimson went back to Directory Continent, waiting for Akira at ROM Domain for their final showdown. Crimson used the Chaos-series Digimon's DNA samples and transformed himself into a combination of all of them, dubbing himself NeoCrimson. After his fall at the hands of Akira, Crimson awakened from his evil personality and wondered if Akira could defeat "him". (OverLord GAIA) After this, Crimson died because of his lack of energy to go on, with Akira displaying slight remorse by simply muttering "Crimson........"

[edit] Trivia

  • In the game files, there exists a portrait of another Blood Knight-styled character, but no other data hints that there may have been one more rank to encounter within the Blood Knights.

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