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Special TechniqueMad Pump

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[edit] Description

Bulbmon is an Ultimate level digimon. Not much is known about Bulbmon, as only one has ever been seen. It has been sighted a few times, but it's just the one Bulbmon. They don't talk either, so there is nothing to learn from them. What is known though, is that Bulbmon was a virus created to tunnel through the data in the Asuka server to create a bridge to the Amaterasu server. It will randomly attack anyone it sees, however, when losing the fight, Bulbmon will instantly flee. They fire a powerful water cannon at the opponent for their special technique Mad Pump.

[edit] Anime Appearances

Bulbmon does not make any appearances in the digimon anime series.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World 3

Bulbmon is the digimon who is responsible for digging through the server's data and creating tunnels, in particular the one to the Amaterasu Server.

Bulbmon is an enemy you fight 3 times in this game. The first is when you ride the gondola for the first time, the second is at Bug Maze and the third is as one of the champion's 3 digimon.

Note that you can only fight the champion on the PAL version of this game Digimon World 2003. So if you have the NTSC version, Digimon World 3, you can only fight Bulbmon twice.

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