Japanese Nameケンタルモン (Kentaurosmon)
Special TechniqueSolar Ray

Digivolution Line


[edit] Description

Centarumon (ケンタルモン "Kentaurosmon") is a beast-man, champion level digimon of the data type. They are centaur digimon. Centaurs are the cross between a horse and a man, hence the human-like appearance at the top and horse-like appearance at the bottom. Centarumon are solemn Digimon who live out in wild jungles; they have a mutated right arm with four small long points sticking out, and use this to gather energy for their special technique, Solar ray.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Series 1

Centarumon is a victim of the black gears. He is hiding out in a maze in the Tropical Jungle area, and quietly stalks Mimi and Tentomon as they travel through the maze.

Togemon and Kabuterimon were able to destroy his black gear, and he ended up giving Izzy and Mimi some valuable information.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

Centarumon is a playable character in this game, and a recruitable digimon. You can recruit him by making it to the other side of Amida Forest.

Centarumon opens up the clinic in File City, a vital addition which is the only place you can buy bandages and medicine in the game. You can also pay a small fee to have Centarumon cure your digimon of sickness it it has it.

Centarumon digivolves from Agumon and Gabumon.

Centarumon can digivolve to Andromon and Giromon.

Centarumon can also special digivolve to Vademon if it's age reaches 15 days. When this requirement is fulfilled, there is a 50% chance of Centarumon special digivolving to Vademon.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

Centarumon is a card tamer the player can face once they reach Pyramid City. His Gate of Fire deck is a red deck focused on countering ice specialists and crippling his opponent's offensive.

[edit] Card data


Centaru card.png





Hit points








Cross attack effect

Ice x 3

Support effect

Your chosen attack becomes circle. Your Digimon's attack power is boosted by +400.

Circle attack

Solar Ray

450 AP

Triangle attack

Jet Kick

360 AP

Cross attack

Heat Uppercut

220 AP

[edit] Digimon World 2

Centarumon is a boss Digimon on this game. He guards the BIOS domain. Centarumon fights alongside a Gabumon and a Starmon. His special attack is the Solar Ray. Centarumon later appears as a common enemy the player can face and befriend.

[edit] Digimon World 3 and Digimon World 2003

Centarumon appears as a card during the card battle sidequest. It is a 12/13 white champion card.

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