Chaos Generals

The Chaos Generals are a small group of enemy Digimon in Digimon World 2. Their purpose is to serve under the Prince of Evil, ChaosLord. Each of the three Chaos Generals holds a Chaos Ring which must be combined together to reveal the secret coordinates of ChaosLord's hideout, Soft Domain.

[edit] The Chaos Generals

[edit] ChaosWarGreymon

Japanese Nameカオスグレイモン (ChaosGreymon)
Special TechniqueTerra Force
VariationsWarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon, WarGreymon X, BlackWarGreymon X

ChaosWarGreymon (カオスグレイモン "ChaosGreymon") is a Mega-level humanoid Digimon of the vaccine type. This particular WarGreymon was modified in order to serve as one of the three Chaos Generals. It sports a skin coloration and armor colors similar to those worn by BlackWarGreymon, the main difference being the silver and yellow coloration of its armor, as opposed to BlackWarGreymon's black, dull gray and yellow coloration. Additionally, ChaosWarGreymon's shield retains the Crest of Courage, which was missing from BlackWarGreymon's. ChaosWarGreymon is stationed in the Patch Domain located on File Island. It is also accompanied by Triceramon and Scorpiomon in battle.


  • Terra Force (Gaia Force) - Throws a large sphere of highly concentrated energy
  • Giga Blaster (Giga Destroyer) - Shoots an organic missile

[edit] ChaosMetalSeadramon

Japanese nameカオスシードラモン (ChaosSeadramon)
Special TechniqueEnergy Blast
VariationsMetalSeadramon, GigaSeadramon

ChaosMetalSeadramon (カオスシードラモン "ChaosSeadramon") is a Mega-level sea-serpent Digimon of the Data type. This particular MetalSeadramon was modified in order to serve as one of the three Chaos Generals. Its armor is of a deep blue color, differing from the yellow tint of MetalSeadramon's armor pieces, and its eyes are red. ChaosMetalSeadramon is stationed at Mega Domain on File Island. It fights alongside Megadramon and Gigadramon.


  • Energy Blast (Ultimate Stream) - Shoots a beam of concentrated energy that is said to split the ocean in two
  • Brown Stinger (Deadly Sting) - Shoots a venomous stinger that often poisons its victim (Flymon's technique)

[edit] ChaosPiedmon

Japanese nameカオスピエモン (ChaosPiemon)
Special TechniqueTrump Sword

ChaosPiedmon (カオスピエモン "ChaosPiemon"), or ChaosPierrotmon, is a Mega-level puppet Digimon of the virus type. This particular Piedmon was modified in order to serve as one of three Chaos Generals. It fashions a monochromatic costume and it is said to be even more relentless and vicious than a regular Piedmon. ChaosPiedmon has concealed itself within the Data Domain on File Island. A Gekomon also lives with in the same Domain, but its connection with ChaosPiedmon is unknown. ChaosPiedmon is assisted by Andromon and Giromon in battle.


  • Trump Sword - Throws four swords at the opponent

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