Crest of Reliability

The Crest of Reliability was one of the eight crests that the Digi-Destined of Digimon Adventure needed. This crest belonged to Joe. It first appeared in Episode 16- "Arrival of SkullGreymon". However, it wasn't used until Episode 36- "City Under Siege". As Joe and TK were traveling across the Bay by riding on Ikkakumon to help the Digi-Destined on the other side, MegaSeadramon, one of Myotismon's minions sent to halt the Digi-Destined's search for the 8th child, attacked them, sending both Joe and TK into the water. Joe gave TK somehting to float on, accepting his responsibility, allowing his crest to shine and for Ikkakumon to digivolve into Zudomon, saving both Joe and TK, as well as defeating MegaSeadramon.

This was the Second Crest found by the Digi-Destined and was found in the Collosseum under a Soccer Net Goal.

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