Crest of Sincerity

[edit] Digimon Adventure

The Crest of Sincerity was one of the eight Digi-Destined crests, belonging to Mimi. It was first found in Episode 17- "The Crest of Sincerity". It was first used by Mimi in Episode 35- "Flower Power", when Mimi's father tried attacking DarkTyrannomon to save her, her mother, and everyone else who were held hostage to Myotismon while he searched for the 8th Digi-Destined. She showed her appreciation to her father, which gave Togemon the power to digivolve to Lilymon, who calmed down DarkTyrannomon with a ring of flowers.

The Crest of Sincerity was the third crest found. It was discovered while the Digi-Destined were escaping Kokatorimon's Cruise Ship. They hid behind a giant cactus, which a giant stone raised upward to reveal the crest.

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