Departure for a New Continent


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The digi-destined find are confronted by a hologram of the person known as Gennai. Gennai persuades the team to travel to the continent of Server to defeat another enemy terrorizing the digi world. He also explains that if they can find the crests and tags that Devimon hid, the Digimon will be able to digivolve into stronger forms. Using wood from trees a raft is built and the team is now en route to Server. On they way a Whamon swallows them and end up in the stomach. A black gear is seen and is destroyed revealing Whamon's true form. As a thanks for being freed from the gear, he takes the team to where Devimon hid the tags. Whamon ends up in a cave where the tags are and the children are released from Whamon's innards. A Drimogemon is guarding the tags and is promptly defeated giving up the tags.

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