This page refers to Digi-Egg as the instrument of evolution of various Digimon. For the Digimon, see Digitamamon. For the eggs seen throughout the series from where Digimon are born, see Digitama. For the Digi-Eggs as used in Digimon Dawn and Dusk, refer to the Digi-Egg List & Matching Requirements

A Digi-Egg, or Digimental, are ancients tool of digivolution that were used in the past by Digimon. Now that digivolution is possible without the aid of Digimentals, their only use comes when a normal evolution is not a viable way.


[edit] Known Digi-Eggs

[edit] Courage

This Digimental bears the virtue of courage, and grants powerful evolutions, most commonly related to fire.

[edit] Love

This Digimental bears the virtue of love, and grants mutant or nature related evolutions.

[edit] Knowledge

This Digimental bears the virtue of knowledge, and is responsible for insectoid evolutions.

[edit] Reliability

This Digimental bears the virtue of reliability, and provides with water-based evolutions.

[edit] Purity

This Digimental grants a pure heart, and it's responsible for nature-oriented evolutions.

[edit] Hope

This Digimental grants the virtue of hope to its bearer, and usually provides evolutions of the Holy Beast kind.

[edit] Light

This Digimental brings light even to tainted souls, and usually grants evolutions of the Holy Beast Kind.

[edit] Friendship

This Digimental brings the blessing of friendship, and grants sturdy evolutions.

[edit] Kindness

This Digimental grants the virtue of Kindness to its bearer, and is responsible for an odd array of evolutions.

[edit] Miracles

This Digimental is said to bring ease of soul and mind to its bearer; its evolutions are usually related to Holy Beast, Holy Knight and Angel Digimon.

[edit] Digi-eggs in anime

On Digimon Adventure 02 Digi-Eggs were used by the chosen children to be able to evolve while under the influence of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Towers. The digimental becomes unbearably heavy to any person other than the children to inherit it; in other words, only a child with the attribute of the crest engraved on a Digimental will be able to lift it. For the Digimental to show its power and make a Digimon evolve, the chosen child may shout "Digimental Up!" (Japanese version), "Digivolve!" (Latin American Spanish Dub), "Digi-Armor Energize" (US English Dub), among others.

[edit] Known Armor Evolutions as of Digimon Adventure 02

[edit] Digi-eggs in Digimon World 2003

Digi-eggs are treated differently on Digimon World 2003. On the game, Digimentals are used to summon a specific Digimon, which will help the player to travel to a distant land. While random encounters are possible while riding these Digimon, the player's party will fight the enemy Digimon, not the summoned one. A single Digimental can be used an indefinite amount of times, and the players of Digimon Online have to find them in a specific location in order to travel through all four cities.

In addition to this, several armor digivolved Digimon will appear throughout the land, and are part of the Legendary Weapon sidequest. The appearing Digimon are the armor evolutions of the main characters of Digimon Adventure 02, evolving through Digimentals their human partners didn't obtain in the series; for example, Kongoumon is the armor evolution of a Wormmon through the Digi-Egg of Miracles. This creatures will take two of your weapons and use them to make a new one for you. They will always ask for a Weapon you have previously obtained from a fusion and another weapon available in stores, except the first round of fusions, which will require weapons of the Rusty kind.

[edit] Digi-Eggs in Digimon Digital Card Battle

On this game, Digi-Eggs can be used to digivolve a partner card into an Armor Digimon, which level ranges between Rookie and Champion. The player is given the choice of selecting which of the Digi-Egg gained for each partner card will the Digimon use to digivolve in battle. Once in Battle, the armor evolution is possible as soon as the partner Digimon is played. If the player chooses to armor digivolve his or her Digimon, he will not be able to evolve further its partner to higher levels, except by using option cards. If the player chooses to not armor digivolve its partner, it will not be able to evolve to Armor level for the rest of the match unless it is destroyed and then re-introduced in the deck via an option card; however, it will be able to evolve normally into further levels such as Champion and Ultimate. Every partner card has at least 2 Digi-Eggs.

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