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The digital world is under attack by a powerful force known as Millenniummon, who seeks to corrupt all the data present in the world and modify it to his own designs. In response, several Digimon and their human companions have set out to stop Millenniummon and his minions before any irreparable harm can be done.


The matches are won by collecting blue sphere that are knocked out of the opponents and are called D-Spirits. To collect them hit the opponent and the player who has the most wins the match. If the player touches the Calumon that usually flies around the arena your character will digivolve into his Mega form which knocks out more spheres out of the opponent.

Available Digimon

There are a total of 12 rookie digimon. You start out with seven and need to unlock five along the adventure.

All rookie and Mega digimon do basically the same damage and have no special attributes to them so I will just list them. They do have different attacks but do basically the same damage for releasing D-Spheres.

Note: All digimon with a ~ next to them means that they have to be unlocked.

Agumon 1
Agumon 2~

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode

  • There are three Agumon in the game. Agumon 1 is Tai's and can digivolve into WarGreymon. Agumon 2 is also Tai's but his Mega is Omnimon.
  • Imperialdramon Paldadin Mode is the color white and gold and is the Mega of Veemon. Imperialdramon Fighter Mode is the color black and green and is Wormmon's Mega.
  • Gabumon and Agumon 2's Mega forms are Omnimon and they look exactly the same and have no battle differences.
  • Impmon does not have a Mega form


During any battle you can make your opponent be any one of the following statuses which will make your battle much more easy. Be aware though as these can also happen to you.

The names we give them are just the way we explain them based on the image given. These can be referred to in other ways.

Burned: The player can't control what he does but can still jump around.
Caused: Flame Ball item

Confused: The player does random commands.
Caused: Clock 2 Item

Electrocution: The player can't jump and you can barely move around, try not to get into this one as it can easily make you lose. If a not electrocuted player touches someone that is he to will become electrocuted.
Caused: Lightning, Lighting Ball item, and a select few of a Mega's attacks

Recovering: After being hit with a powerful attack the digimon stops to recover and can't do any any attacks.
Caused: An attack from a Mega

Slow: Attacking and moving takes more time to do.
Caused: The sand in Etemon's Desert, on a conveyor belt if you go the opposite way it's going or Milleniummon's main attack.

Stop: The player is frozen and can't do anything at all during this time
Caused: Clock item

Stop 2: The directional buttons are reversed, the effect isn't at all very damaging but you have to get used to the new controls which will get you hurt.
Caused: Gear item


Once you defeat an enemy digimon they disappear and on occasion they leave items that you can use on a boss digimon.

Baseball: The baseball will make the opponent drop 1 D-Spirit. Make sure the opponent is right in front of you when throwing this as it goes in a straight line.

Bowling Ball: Makes the opponent drop 2 D-Spirits. When using the bowling ball it's hard to hit the enemy because of it's throw. Make sure not to be to far away from the enemy when using it.

Clock: Makes the "stop" status be inflicted which makes the opponent frozen. It's thrown in a straight line so be sure to be in front of the enemy.

Clock 2: Make the "Confused status be initiated as with the first clock it is thrown straight.

Lightning Ball: Causes the electrocution status and make the opponent lose 2 D-Spirits.

Flame Ball: Causes the burned status and makes the opponent lose 2 D-Spirits.

Battle Spirit 1.5

See Digimon Battle Spirit 1.5

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