Digimon D-Cyber

Digimon D-Cyber is a relatively obscure Digimon magna released in China. The idea of X Digimon was first presented in this magna.


[edit] Plot

Many millenniums ago an order of just Digimon known as the Holy Knights defeated a powerful Digimon known only as the Digi Core. As time past a mysterious and deadly disease destroyed all Digimon lacking the X-Antibody.

The main villain of the story, Metal Phantomon, is instantly introduced as its leads the main human characters, Hikaru, Kiyoshi, Masuken, and Teru, into the Digital World where they discover partner Digimon. Kiyoshi, however, never met hers as she was shortly sealed inside the Digi Core.Metal Phantomon displays his power several times early in the story, whether it be controlling people or reviving the Digi Core, Metal Phantomon is always shown causing trouble.
In order to restore peace to the world, and defeat Dexmon,the revived Digicore , and MetalPhantomon the friends go on a quest and complete many perilous tasks in order to earn Dorumon a new Dragon Spirit which had been stolen by Metal Phantomon in order to complete the revival of Dexmon.

Good eventually prevails following a fierce battle against Dexmon and Metal Phantomon and the humans eventually rescue their friend and restore peace to the Digital World once again.

[edit] Character

[edit] Humans

Hikaru Ryuuji: The main human character of the story, Hikaru often makes mistakes, but is quick to fix them as he has deep loyalty to his friends.
Teru Raku: The youngest of the three main humans, can be rather cowardly at times but when it comes to friends he is always ready to make a stand.
Kyoshi: Makes fewer appearance than the other humans as she is sealed inside Dexmon. She is the only human to not befriend a Digimon.
Masuken Kana: Perhaps the most intelligent of the three humans, Masuken is always calm and never hasty. He likes to think through problems first.

[edit] Digimon

Ryuudamon: Gentle and kind, Ryuudamon has great respect for his owner, Masuken. He is quieter than the other Digimon.
Agumon X: Agumon X is Teru's partner and is almost always good humored and kind. He gets along well with Teru.
Dorumon: The main Digimon character is Hikaru's partner. Short tempered and intelligent, Dorumon is a powerful prototype dragon with a mysterious background revealed at the end of the magna.
Holy Knights: This brave group of Digimon was nearly wiped out when the virus destroyed many of them, including their leader, Alphamon. Now only Omnimon X, Magnamon X, and Gallantmon X remain. Despite this all three still play an important part in the story. Metal Phantomon: The original villain of the story, Metal Phantomon is best known for reviving Dexmon. In the end, his greed for power was his downfall as he was later destroyed by Dexmon.
Dexmon: At the beginning this Digimon is shrouded in mystery and is known only as the Digi Core. Dexmon was originally defeated by the Royal Nights but revived by Metal Phantomon. Surprisingly, this wicked Digimon was not destroyed and was instead made pure and served as the very heart of the Digital World.

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