Digimon Digital Card Battle

Digimon: Digital Card Battle
Digital card battle boxart.jpeg
Alternate Title(s)Digimon World: Digital Card Battle (Japan)
Release date(s)North America: June 18, 2001

Europe: July 5, 2002

Japan: December 22, 1999
Genre(s)Fantasy, Card Battle
Game ModesSingle Player, Multiplayer
ESRB RatingTeen 15+
Available onPlaystation

Digimon: Digital Card Battle (デギモンワールドデギタルカードアリーナ, lit. "Digimon World: Digital Card Arena") is a game for the Playstation consoles, released in Japan, Europe and North America. It is a Digimon-themed card battling game loosely based on the first Digital Monsters Card Game. This game is a crossover between the first Digimon World and Digimon Adventure 02. The game centers on a young boy that begins playing a new card game that had become popular around the Digital World, but gets quickly ensnared in an evil plot he will have to uncover and foil.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Previous Events

The Digital World was finally at peace after recovering from the vicious attack of Analogman a few years ago. The last remnants of Analogman, however, lingered through the net, and they had finally found a way to take vengeance for that fateful day. Unbeknownst to most of the inhabitants of the Digital World, a Security Program was produced in order to counter A in the case he would decide to attack again. Such program, knowing of Analogman's strengths and weaknesses, made up a card battle game it would inyect into the world. The game was booby trapped in such a way that if Analogman were to lose a duel, he would activate an emergency routine that would trap him in an endless loop of calculations. The routine, however, had to be activated by a force external to the security program; under such predicament, she stole a Rosemon core and began to interact with the various players in the area in order to pick the one that would ultimately face off against Analogman.

[edit] The Mega Area Incidents

Having successfully stalled Analogman, the security program (called "Rosemon" from now on) began searching for a card tamer that would face A in a duel and win. She saw potential on a newcomer, the protagonist, and as such began following him, urging him to become better. Meanwhile, several strange incidents happened throughout the cities around the Mega Area: Veedramon from Jungle City and Garurumon from Igloo City had apparently been brainwashed by a mysterious Wormmon, and the arena at Junk City had been taken over.

The protagonist, having just started out at Beginner's City, is confronted by a Betamon, who teaches him the basics of the card game. After getting the hang of the game, the protagonist heads towards the Battle Arena, where he faces Agumon, Penguinmon and Babamon, thus earning the right to travel to Flame City, where he is first confronted by Rosemon. After learning from her that someone has been tampering with Mega Area, the protagonist sets for the arena in order to get the pass to Jungle City, where V-dramon had been forced into submission by Wormmon, who acted upon the orders of a strange kid. The protagonist frees V-dramon and plunges forward to Igloo City, where the arena master, Garurumon, had been put under a trance by Stingmon.

After a battle with Stingmon, the protagonist could finally free Garurumon from his control, and had to battle against an angered Garurumon for the passcode, which let him access Junk City. The arena was taken aback after a rogue Shadramon took over, much to KingSukamon's dismay. The protagonist battled through the arena and defeated Shadramon, but KingSukamon refused to acknowledge his victory, forcing him to go over the Junk Arena all over again in order to get the passcode to the next city.

[edit] Showdown at Dark City

After defeating KingSukamon for a second time, the protagonist is given the passcode to access Dark City, the first town he would visit in Giga Area. The entirety of the city was controlled by Wormmon and the Ken Ichijouji, the latter being under his Digimon Emperor persona. Wormmon desperately threw a heavy offensive, as to prevent the protagonist from reaching Ken. The battles progressed as Wormmon evolved, first into Stingmon, then into Shadramon and finally into Quetzalmon, each time becoming even more aggressive. Quetzalmon, however, was finally defeated, giving the protagonist the chance to duel against the Digimon Emperor. While malevolent in nature, he himself didn't actually know how to fight; he depended heavily on Wormmon to fight for him. The protagonist, thus, beat Ken in a swiftly manneer, freeing the Digital World from his influence. Wormmon, in a sudden change of heart, thanks the protagonist for beating Ken and snapping him out of his Digimon Emperor persona, and hands him the passcode to Pyramid City.

[edit] Giga Area

The protagonist meets Rosemon at the arena's café once again, who thanks him for defeating the Digimon Emperor. A mysterious character, however, is mentioned by her, and that he has become the only hope to defeat him. The protagonist inquired about "him", but Rosemon didn't reply, as "it was not the time to reveal herself". With that thought in mind, the protagonist challenged the Pyramid Arena and got the passcode to Sky City, where she confronts Hikari Yagami and Gatomon about the dark energy that was approaching, according to Rosemon. They failed to give a satisfactory answer, but they managed to confirm that a dark energy was emanating from Infinity Tower. Gatomon urged the protagonist to the next city, taking into account that Hikari is especially suceptible to dark influences.

[edit] Tera Area

The protagonist received the passcode to Steep Road, an uncanny place, from Gatomon after beating her in the Sky Arena. There, the protagonist met Ken, now freed from his Digimon Emperor persona, who apologized for what he did and offered the protagonist a partner card in compensation. Not without first defeating Megadramon and Gigadramon at the arena, the protagonist advanced forward to Wiseman Tower, where the strongest Digimon gather. Once on the tower, the protagonist challenged the arena, proving himself to be one of the best, if not the best, card tamer. Rosemon elaborated on "him", and clarified that she, for some reason, was only able to become visible to the protagonist. Having said that, she urged the protagonist to Infinity Tower

[edit] Infinity Tower

The Infinity Tower, a place where the most evil Digimon take home, arouse from the ocean that connects the Tera Area with the Mega Area. The protagonist entered the tower, where he was greeted by a Tuskmon, a Phantomon, MegaSeadramon, Machinedramon and a VenomMyotismon. The Digimon battled one after the other, but were quickly defeated by the protagonist. Upon being defeated, however, VenomMyotismon became corrupted, and his data was taken over by Analogman. Analogman gained control of the Digital World through VenomMyotismon's core and attempted to destroy it. Rosemon, however, stalled him and urged the protagonist to beat him in battle, explaining to him that Analogman, or simply "A", was an evil entity from an alternate Digital World, and that he is merely the digitalization of the man he once was. Furthering the explanation, Rosemon adds that he is totally capable of cheating in the state he currently is. Analogman, ignorant of the trap Rosemon inyected into the game, agrees to battle the protagonist in a duel, as he thinks a children's game won't change anything, but he might as well entertain himself while the Digital World lasts.

Despite Analogman outright tampering both his deck and the protagonists', he is ultimately defeated, which activates a routine thatleaves him performing countless calculations without a possibility to escape. The security program shed the Rosemon core it had borrowed and annexed himself to Analogman, throwing itself with A to a part of the Deep Web where he won't be able to come back from, not before bidding farewell to the protagonist.

[edit] Aftermath

The Digital World was saved from Analogman's influence, though not many people or Digimon realized what was really happening. The Infinity Tower remained afloat, but its powers are said to have weakened. The Digital World slowly recovered from the incident, with the card game the security program created becoming even more popular. The Rosemon's core was ultimately returned to its original owner, who was revealed to be the Babamon at the Beginner's City.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Basic Gameplay

Before each duel, each player draws a card in order to see who gets the first turn. Before each duel, both players must make sure to have a deck of no more and no less than 30 cards, which must contain at least one Digimon card. This deck, henceforth called the "Online Deck", will be used to draw cards. Additionally, an "Offline Deck" will exist and will correspond to the space where used cards and defeated Digimon will go. Unless stated by a card effect, no card may leave the Offline Deck.

At the start of each duel, both players draw four cards, place a Digimon in play and send at most one card to the DP slot, which will grant them a fixed amount of DP, or Digivolve Points. After that, the first battle phase take place.

Other than the first turn, every turn follows the following order of events:

[edit] Draw Phase

The player in turn will draw cards from their Online Deck until they have exactly four cards in their hand. They may check the cards and pass to the next phase, or call for a mulligan, on which they will discard their whole hand in order to draw four new cards. The player may do as many mulligans as they like as long as they have cards in their Online Deck. Discarded cards go to the Offline Deck.

[edit] Preparation Phase

If the player doesn't have a Digimon on the field, they may place one from their hand. While the player can theoretically place any Digimon in their hand, Champion level Digimon (Level IV in Japan) will get their HP and attack power cut in half if they are put into play directly, and Ultimate level Digimon (level V in Japan) will get their stats cut by three fourths. This penalty won't go away by evolving the Digimon naturally, but may go away if evolved through certain option cards such as Special Digivolve. If the opponent doesn't have a Digimon on the field by this phase, the rest of the turn is skipped.

If the Digimon played is a Partner Card, then the player may evolve them into their Armor form, given that they have already obtained their respective Digi-Egg. An Armor Digimon's power may be augmented by Digi-Parts and levelling up, but may not evolve naturally into any other Digimon.

[edit] Digivolve Phase

If the player has a Digimon card on his or her hand, they may place it on the DP slot. The player will then gain DP equivalent to the number of DP the card is stated to give. If the player has any Digimon their current Digimon may evolve to and has enough DP to do so, then the player may discard the entirety of their DP slot (thus making their available DP to 0) in order to evolve the card. A Digimon is eligible for evolving if it is of the same specialty of the card currently in play, and is of a level higher than the card currently in play. In addition, if the player has any evolution card on their hand by this phase, they may play them. If the conditions dictated by the card are met, then the Digimon will be allowed to evolve as described in the card. Regardless of outcome, the card will then be sent to the Offline Deck.

Digimon levels are detailed as follows:

Rookie > Champion > Ultimate (III > IV > 完 in the Japanese release).

For a Digimon in play to evolve to a Digimon in hand, it's of utmost importance that the level of the Digimon in play to be exactly one level below the Digimon to be evolved into. If this condition is not met, then the Digimon may not evolve. For example, a Rookie Digimon may evolve naturally into a Champion Digimon of its same color, but never into an Ultimate Digimon.

[edit] Attack Phase

On this phase, both player may choose one of their Digimon's attacks to inflict damage to the opponent's Digimon. There are exactly three attacks available to each Digimon. An attack may be selected by pushing Circle, Triangle or X (from now on, each attack will be associated with its respective button). The X attack normally has an added effect, which may aid the player in disrupting the opponent's strategy. For example, DemiDevimon's Butt Smasher attack, set to X, does triple damage to Digimon aligned with the Nature element, while Garurumon's Ice Wall will cancel the opponent's attack and counterattack with the same strength only if the opponent's chosen attack was a circle button attack. The chosen attack will remain hidden from the other player until the end of the next phase.

[edit] Option Phase

Each player may place any face-up card on their option card slot for their effects to resolve, or place a face-down card from the top of their deck (this last process is known as "all-or-nothing"). If the chosen card has any effect, it will resolve; otherwise it will generate a Misfire Failure and do nothing. If the chosen card has an effect, but the conditions for it to happen are not met, then a Misfire Failure condition will also be generated. Evolution cards may not be activated on this face. If the result of an all-or-nothing is an evolution card, then the card will generate a Misfire Failure by default. It's important to note that the turn's player will place their option card first, giving their opponent a chance to retaliate.

Once the effects of the placed cards are resolved, the effects of any X attack will be resolved only if the Digimon's owner choose an X attack to inflict damage.

[edit] Battle Phase

The active Digimon will attack each other in this phase. The Digimon of the player in turn will attack first unless a card effect states otherwise. The opponent's Digimon will lose HP equal to the attack power (AP from now on) of the other Digimon's chosen attack. If the latter Digimon's HP are not reduced to 0 beforehand, then the opponent's Digimon may attack the Digimon of the player in turn and inflict damage.

[edit] End Phase

This phase wraps up a player's turn. In this phase, any option card left on the option slot is sent to the Offline Deck along with any active Digimon whose HP were reduced to zero. After those action are done, the next player's turn may begin.

The game ends when a player defeats three of their opponent's Digimon, or when the opponent is unable to put another Digimon from their deck into play. Said player is declared the winner. If, for some reason, both players achieve a win condition at the same time, then the game is declared a draw. Experience points may be awarded to the winner's partner cards, and the winner may receive a booster pack containing three cards upon winning.

[edit] Types of cards

[edit] Digimon Cards

Digimon cards are the main attraction of the game. They can be played as active Digimon, where they will be ranked based on their HP, DP and attack power. Digimon normally have three attacks: an X attack, a Circle Attack and a Triangle attack; the damage output varies depending on which attack is chosen. Digimon may also be played for their support effects during the Option Phase, on which they will be ranked according to their effect over the game. Digimon may have an added effect on their X attack and an associated element.

[edit] Option Cards

Annex:Option cards in Digimon Digital Card Battle
Option cards are any card that is not a Digimon. Like most Digimon cards, options have various effects that are activated when they are played during the option phase. Exempt from this rule are the Digivolve Cards, which may be activated during the digivolve phase. Most of these cards have effects on gameplay that may benefit a player, or even put them at a disadvantage, depending on how they are used.

[edit] Partner Digimon

At the beginning of the game, the player may choose one of three partner Digimon, which may assist them during battles. Unlike normal cards, they gain experience from battles and their stats may go up. They may also be equipped with Digi-Parts, which will either enhance their abilities or modify their capabilities, such as support effects or X attack effects. Partner Digimon may also evolve into Armor Digimon, given that the player has already gotten their respective Digi-Egg to match.

[edit] Digimon Elements

Each Digimon is associated with a single element or specialty. Digimon may only evolve naturally into other Digimon of their corresponding element. Additionally, certain elements oppose each other, which means that they may have cards that counter that opposing specialty. In addition, each specialty has a distinctive characteristic that may aid or hinder them in battle. The elements are as follows:

Element Defining Characteristic
Fire Digimon aligned to fire have high damage outputs, but their HP is very limited, and their DP output is low.
Ice Ice Digimon have inmense HP outputs and are supported by a wide array of HP recovery cards, but are very limited in terms of attack power.
Nature Nature specialists have enormous DP yields and their DP requirements are usually low, but they tend to be mediocre at best compared to other Digimon.
Darkness Dark Digimon have enormous attack power, exceeding even fire Digimon, and most of their support skills are made to strengthen themselves further. However, their skills are usually very risky to use and their DP yield is mediocre at best, while their DP requirements are high.
Rare Rare Digimon are normally mediocre at everything, but their support skills may prove to be confusing and extremely helpful on certain situations.

[edit] Cross Attack Effects

Differing from support and option effects, cross attack effects (called X-effect from now on) are limited and can be categorized depending on their effect over gameplay. The various effects are categorized as such:

Ability Effect over gameplay
Circle-to-0 Digimon with this X-effect will reduce their opponent's circle attack power to 0 after using their X attack.
Circle-counter Digimon with this X-effect will cancel their opponent's attack and perform a counterstrike on their own whose damage output will be the same as the cancelled attack after applying damage modifiers. This counter is only possible if the opponent chooses a circle attack to inflict damage with.
Triangle-to-0 Digimon with this X-effect will reduce their opponent's tiangle attack power to 0 after using their X attack.
Triangle-counter Digimon with this X-effect will cancel their opponent's attack and perform a counterstrike on their own whose damage output will be the same as the cancelled attack after applying damage modifiers. This counter is only possible if the opponent chooses a triangle attack to inflict damage with.
X-to-0 Digimon with this X-effect will reduce their opponent's X attack power to 0 after using their X attack.
X-counter Digimon with this X-effect will cancel their opponent's attack and perform a counterstrike on their own whose damage output will be the same as the cancelled attack after applying damage modifiers. This counter is only possible if the opponent chooses an X attack to inflict damage with.
Jamming Digimon with this X-effect will cancel out the effect of any card played by the opponent during their option phase, only if the card played is a Digimon card.
First Strike Digimon with this X-effect will attack first, regardless of priority. If both Digimon use First Strike effects, then the Digimon of the player in turn will attack first.
Crash Digimon with this X-effect will inflict damage equal to their HP at the cost of reducing their own HP to 10. If the Digimon attacks second, then it will inflict damage equivalent to its HP minus any damage dealt by the opponent.
Eat-up-HP Digimon with this X-effect will gain HP equal to the amount of damage inflicted by their X attack.
Fire x3 Digimon with this X-effect will triple their attack power for their X attack if the opponent's specialty is fire.
Ice x3 Digimon with this X-effect will triple their attack power for their X attack if the opponent's specialty is ice.
Nature x3 Digimon with this X-effect will triple their attack power for their X attack if the opponent's specialty is nature.
Darkness x3 Digimon with this X-effect will triple their attack power for their X attack if the opponent's specialty is darkness.
Rare x3 Digimon with this X-effect will triple their attack power for their X attack if the opponent's specialty is rare.
Void Digimon with this X-effect will cancel out the effect of any card played by the opponent during their option phase. This effect is not normally obtainable on any Digimon.
None Nothing happens.

[edit] Digimon Fusion

After a certain point in the game, the player gains access to Fusion Shops, which are places where the player may perform either Card Fusion or Partner Fusion, both processes having different effects on the cards they affect. Each shop is run by an Andromon, and each one may give different information about the card that will result from the fusion.


Allowed Fusions

Information Given

Flame City Rookie and Option cards only. Color of the resulting card.
Pyramid City Rookie, Champion and Option cards. Level of the resulting card.
Wiseman's Tower All available cards. The resulting card's name.

[edit] Card Fusion

Card fusion occurs whenever the player attempts to fuse two Digimon cards, a Digimon and an Option card or two Option cards. The resulting card from the fusion is calculated by taking into consideration the level and rarity of the cards involved in the fusion, and every single result is predictable. As a rule of thumb, fusing two Digimon of the same specialty will result in an option card, while fusing two Digimon of different specialties will result in a Digimon of a third specialty. Fusing two option cards results always in an option card. The player cannot use partner Digimon, Armor Digimon, Rosemon's Lure or the Sevens series of cards as card fusion material.

[edit] Fusion Mutation

After certain events on Dark City, Koushiro Izumi will hand out the player Mutant Fusion Data, which will allow fusion mutations to occur naturally at Fusion Shops whenever the player would perform a card fusion. Fusion mutation is a random event, occurring approximately 6 times for every 255 attempted card fusions (roughly 2.35% of the time). Whenever a mutation occurs, if the player confirms they want to proceed with the fusion, the player will get a different card from what they would normally get. Once set, the mutation can yield either Fake Sevens, a card from the S-Jewels series or a random card from the stack. Fusion mutation can't happen with Partner cards.

[edit] Special Fusions (Jogressing)

Certain cards react with each other differently when fused. A special fusion occurs whenever the player attempts to fuse two specific cards, which are usually materials for a joggress. The resulting card does not follow the standard rules for yielding, and is usually from the same specialty of one of the materials used for the fusion. The Andromon at the fusion shop will inform the player about the special nature of the fusion and will ask whether or not they want to proceed with the fusion. Only Digimon cards may partake in special fusions, and they cannot be partner cards.

[edit] Partner Fusion

Partner fusion occurs whenever the player "feeds" cards to their Digimon through the Partner Fusion screen at any Fusion shop. Instead of becoming a new card, the partner card gains experience from fusing with other cards. The player can make a partner card gain experience and level up by using up cards on their stack that they do not wish to keep and/or that they cannot or will not use for regular fusion. The player cannot use other partner Digimon, Armor Digimon, Rosemon's Lure or the Sevens series of cards as card fusion material.

[edit] Experience gains

Each opponent in the game yields a fixed amount of experience points to the player. Additionally, extra experience points may be gained by meeting certain criteria. The following is a list of all the extra bonus the player may gain after a duel. Note that there are some bonuses that are gained by winning the match, while others are gained when losing the match; the former kind of bonuses are mutually exclusive with the latter, and viceversa.

Bonus Mutually exclusive with Condition Description
All Circle Attack Win All Triangle Attack Win
All X Attack Win
Win Win a battle by using exclusively circle attacks.
All Triangle Attack Win All Circle Attack Win
All X Attack Win
Win Win a battle by using exclusively triangle attacks.
All X Attack Win All Triangle Attack Win
All Circle Attack Win
Win Win a battle by using exclusively X attacks.
All gamble win No support card win Win Perform all-or-nothing gambles during every turn of the duel.
All-or-nothing gamble win No support card win Win Perform an all-or-nothing gamble during the last turn of the duel.
No support card win All gamble win
All-or-nothing gamble win
Win Do not play Digimon or option cards during the option phase during the entire duel.
No digivolve win Partner Normal Digivolve Win Do not evolve any of your Digimon during the duel.
No discard win None Win Do not perform mulligans in the entire duel.
4-of-a-kind win None Win Win the match after getting four copies of the same card in your hand at the same time.
0 online card left win All gone win
Desperate win
Win Win while having more than one card in your Online Deck and while your opponent has zero cards on their Online Deck.
Partner win None Win Win the match after using one of your partner Digimon to beat one of your opponent's Digimon.
No loss win Comeback win
Desperate win
Win Win without losing a single Digimon.
Comeback win No loss win Win Lose your first two Digimon, then win the match.
Desperate win No loss win
0 online card left win
Lucky seven win
Win Lose your first two Digimon, then win the match while both you and your opponent have no cards left on either your Online Decks or hands.
All gone win Lucky seven win
0 online card left win
Win Win by having no cards left in your Online Deck or hand.
Ultimate level win None Win Win the match after beating an Ultimate level Digimon.
Option maniac win None Win Win with a deck with over 25 option cards.
8DP win None Win Win the match while having 8 cards in your own DP slot.
Lucky seven win All gone win
Desperate win
Win Win while having exactly seven cards left in your Online Deck.
"Just Enough" attack win None Win Win the match with an attack whose attack power is equal to the remaining HP of your opponent's Digimon.
12 S-Jewel card win None Win Win with a deck containing all 12 S-Jewels.
Choke loss Total Loss Lose Lose the match after beating your opponent's first two Digimon.
Loss by gamble None Lose Perform an all-or-nothing gamble the turn your lose the match.
Total loss Choke loss Lose Lose the match without winning a single round
Rainbow None Win or lose Use a Digimon of each specialty as your current active Digimon.
Damage Fever None Win or lose Hit your enemy with an attack whose power has exactly three non-zero identical digits (e.g. 1110)
HP fever None Win or lose Have a Digimon in play whose HP has exactly three non-zero identical digits (e.g. 1110)
Partner normal digivolve No digivolve win Win or lose Evolve any of your partner Digimon up to the Ultimate stage without using option cards.
Three partners None Win or lose Have your three partners on your hand at any given time
Three partners plus None Win or lose Use your three partners as your current active Digimon during the duel.
Super Bonus None Win or lose Obtain 8 or more bonuses in a single match.
Deck name bonus None Win or lose Exclusive to the Japanese version of the game. Have your deck name match a specific criteria.

[edit] Playable opponents

Main: Card tamers in Digimon Digital Card Battle

[edit] Obtainable Digimon

[edit] Partner Digimon

The player can choose one of three partner cards at the start of the game, and may choose two more at several points of the game. The following are the obtainable partner cards:

Digimon Unlocking conditions
Veemon Obtainable at the start of the game.
Hawkmon Obtainable at the start of the game.
Armadillomon Obtainable at the start of the game.
Gatomon Beat the arena at Igloo City.
Patamon Beat the arena at Igloo City.
Wormmon Beat the arena at Steep road.

[edit] Armor Digimon

The following is a list of the various armor Digimon that can be obtained in Digimon: Digital Card Battle.

Digimon Unlocking conditions
Flamedramon Obtain Veemon's Digi-Egg of Courage.
Raidramon Obtain Veemon's Digi-Egg of Friendship.
Magnamon Obtain Veemon's Digi-Egg of Miracles.
Halsemon Obtain Hawkmon's Digi-Egg of Love.
Shurimon Obtain Hawkmon's Digi-Egg of Purity.
Digmon Obtain Armadillomon's Digi-Egg of Knowledge.
Submarimon Obtain Armadillomon's Digi-Egg of Honesty.
Nefertimon Obtain Gatomon's Digi-Egg of Light.
Tylomon Obtain Gatomon's Digi-Egg of Honesty.
Pegasusmon Obtain Patamon's Digi-Egg of Hope.
Baronmon Obtain Patamon's Digi-Egg of Courage.
Shadramon Obtain Wormmon's Digi-Egg of Courage.
Quetzalmon Obtain Wormmon's Digi-Egg of Light.

[edit] Other Digimon

Fire Ice Nature Darkness Rare

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