Digimon Racing

Digimon Racing
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A popular Digimon game.

[edit] Controls

Menu Controls
A Button: Confirm
B Button: Cancel/Back
Up/Down: Move through menu
Right/Left: Select options

Racing Controls A Button: Accelerate
B Button: Brake
B Button + Down: Reverse
B Button + A Button + Left/Right: Skid turn
R Button: Jump
R Button + Left/Right: Powerslide
L Button: Fire weapon
START Button: Pause

[edit] Digivolution System

Digimon Racing has a unique Digivolution system which activates during play.

Your Digivolution Gauge has three sections. When the Gauge is in its first section, you will be in your In-Training form. In the second section, you will be in your Rookie form. In the third section, you will be in your Champion form. If you completely fill the third section, you will be able to fire off the Digimon's Finisher using R.

The higher your Digivolution level is, the faster your vehicle will move and the more powerful it will be for pushing opponents out of your way. The Digivolution Gauge will decrease if you take damage from an enemy attack, run over a red energy field, fall off the course or otherwise take any damage. If it reaches zero, you can still continue racing, so don't worry about it too much.

[edit] Available Digimon

Below you will find a statistics table of the digimon. The more stars (*) each digimon has the better that digimon is in that area.

[edit] Unlockable Digimon

  • Agunimon: Clear the Boss Cup to unlock Agunimon as a playable racer.
  • Guilmon: Set the best time on all courses in Time Trial Mode to unlock Guilmon as a playable racer.
  • Veemon: Win every race in Grand Prix Mode to unlock Veemon as a playable racer.

[edit] Tournaments

[edit] Tracks

Main article: Digimon Racing Tracks

[edit] Boss Races

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