Digimon Racing Tournaments

These are the Cups and Tounaments in Digimon Racing.


[edit] Western Cup

Boss Battle

[edit] Eastern Cup

Boss Battle

[edit] Central Cup

Boss Battle

[edit] Bonus Cups

The Bonus Cups are unlocked by defeating MaloMyotismon. Each consists of three themed previous tracks. Completing them all unlocks Agunimon as a playable character.

[edit] Burning Cup

  • Desert Cliffs
  • Volcano
  • Desert Oasis

[edit] Frozen Cup

  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Snowcap Mountain
  • Polar Ice Land

[edit] Aqua Cup

  • Swamp Bog
  • Coastline
  • Underwater

[edit] Urban Cup

  • Jungle Ruins
  • Toy Town
  • Cloud Kingdom

[edit] Perilous Cup

  • The Caves
  • Snowcap Mountain
  • Polar Ice Land

[edit] Boss Cup

  • The Factory
  • Digital Space
  • Deep Jungle
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