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Digimon Tamers/Season 3
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StudioToei Animation
Original RunApril 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002
# of Episodes51

Season 3 Takato is a digimon card fanatic and also an expert artist. He designs a new digimon called guilmon and then brings it to life. He concludes he is a Digimon Tamer. After meeting 2 other Tamers, Henry and Rika, They find that more and more digimon are coming through from the digital world in "digi-felds". Then they encounter a Deva, an ultimate level digimon representing an animal from the chinese zodiac. after defeating 10, they journey to the digital world. Jeri meets her partner, Leomon, and Guardromon and MarineAngemon join the group as well. They defeat the last of the devas and then meet Ryo, who owns a Cyberdramon. Then they finally confront the 4 sovereign. They get a close call with a few, but Ryo comes in and defeats one. Azulongmon skips the fight and Ebonwumon goes down. Baihumon is then defeated. Then, their old enemy Impmon comes back as a fully digivolved mega: Beelzemon. guilmon Dark Digivolves to Megidramon and starts crushing Beelzemon for killing Leomon. however Beelzemon then makes a final stand and starts struggling with Megidramon. Takato then realized 2 things: 1.Megidramon was not Guilmon's rightful mega form. 2.He was not strong enough to defeaet Beelzemon. at the exact same moment, Guilmon Biomerged with Takato. Guilmon then became Gallantmon and defeated Beelzemon. then a chain of events happen leading to the rising of the D-reaper. Being 4 seperate beings at once, the D-reaper's insides were like another world. much fighting ensues, resulting finally in Justicemon and Beelzemon Blast mode helping. Gallantmon and Beelzemon BM go to Kernal Core to rescue Jeri. They fail, and the 3rd d-reaper appears, only to be brought down with all 4 sovereigns help. After a while, Gallantmon DNA digivolves to Gallantmon Crimson mode. After clearing the way, Beelzemon Bm finally frees Jeri. Then D-reaper makes its final stand only to be brought down with all of them helping. Then there's a sad ending where the digimon all degenerate to in training and return to the digital world.

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