Digimon World Training

This article refers to Digimon World.

The green gym is likely to be the place where you will be at the majority of the time. Your digimon here will gain experience in their stats and may even digivolve into ultimates. If you don't want to waste your time watching the digimon train you can the triangle button to skip the training. Press the X button in front of any sign.

Black board: Greatly increases Brains and slightly increases Max MP. Afterward your digimon can learn a new technique.

Boulder/Rock: This game greatly increases Max HP and slightly increases strength.

Punching glove: Greatly increases Defense and slightly boosts Brains.

Track: Greatly increases speed and slightly increases you digimon's Max HP.

Tree: Greatly increases Offensive and slightly increases the Speed.

Waterfall: Greatly increases maximum MP and slightly increases Defense.

[edit] Bonus Options

When you pick an option for the training you can pick either the Bonus Try or Normal Try.

[edit] Bonus Try

The thing to do here is to line up three digimon pictures as you would in a slots game. If successful your digimon's stats will be raised double of they would normally be. Or if you fail to line them up the digimon only gains half of what it is supposed to. So it's a double or half situation.

[edit] Normal

This option has your digimon gain experience as normal.

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