This page refers to the eggs seen throughout the series from where Digimon are born. For the Digimon, see Digitamamon. For the instruments for evolution, see Digi-Egg. For the Digi-Eggs as used in Digimon Dawn and Dusk, refer to the Digi-Egg List & Matching Requirements

Digitama (デジタマ "Digitama") or Digi-Egg refers to hard, ellipsoid objects from where Fresh (Baby) Digimon are born. The process emulates an endless cycle of death and rebirth, and it's physically similar to oviparity. Digimon who are killed or otherwise decomposed are automatically reverted into a Digitama. The name "Digitama" is a portmanteau of the words "Digital" and "tamago" (jap. 卵), the latter meaning "egg".

[edit] Structure

Digitama are ellipsoid structures mostly comprised of decomposed data. The data on the egg is mostly comprised of data of a Digimon that was killed and/or degenerated into bits. Under normal circumstances, the data of one single Digimon is used for exactly one Digitama. The ellipsoid shape resemble that of a common egg, and it functions similarly. The egg itself is composed of two main sections: the shell (which is the outer, hardened layer that functions as a defensive armor) and the nucleus (the inner layer, which contains the decomposed data).

Digitama are rarely monochromatic. They grow striped patterns and textures depending on which Digimon will be born from it. Despite of the previous statement, some Digitama bear a pattern reminiscent of the Digimon they were

[edit] Formation and conception

Whenever a Digimon is killed or otherwise degenerated into free data, a Digitama is automatically formed. The data inside the egg will then reformat itself into a Fresh Digimon. While this happens, the data is extremely vulnerable. It is to be noted that, via unknown means, a Digitama eventually finds its way to the Primary Village short time after its formation completes. Whether this is naturally done by the Digitama or artificially induced is unknown. Regardless of method, it will fail to transport the Digitama if it is not on the Digital World. In addition, a few Digitama seem to not be able to go back to the Primary Village. While on Primary Village, a Swanmon takes care of the Digitama until they hatch.

The formation of new Digitama can be interrupted if the free data is somehow captured and prevented from conglomerating. Digimon have shown the ability to naturally absorb a killed Digimon's data into their own bodies, augmenting their own capabilities. In addition, several Digimon have been observed to perform attacks that immediately decompose or corrupt another Digimon's core and data. It is unknown if these processes prevent the formation of the Digitama or they merely halt it. Arkadimon in particular can erase and decompose data at whim. GIzumon, an artificial Digimon, is able to capture the data of the Digimon it kills for further use. New Digitama fail to spawn if a Digimon is engaged by one of the two mentioned Digimon, though the data can be freed and allowed to form Digitama if the container used by the latter is destroyed.

The level of the Digimon that spawns when the Digitama hatches is usually no greater than In-Training. Most Digimon retain the memories of their past lives, even if they were reverted into a Digitama.

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