Dragon's Eye Lake

Dragon's Eye Lake is a location on File Island. It is the only place in the video game Digimon World where the player can fish.

[edit] Design

The Dragon Eye Lake is divided into two areas a player can visit. Both are accessible from Native Forest. The first area is a beach with lots of different fish types, and it contains a few objects that can be interacted with: a computer, vending machine, and instructions on how to use a fishing rod. This area is right below the cliff that is the Drill Tunnel Entrance.

The second area is also rich in fish, but its variety is more narrow. In order to access this small platform-like area, the player must head to the southernmost boundaries of Native Forest, and then straight to the west from the area where lots of Goburimon wander around. The second area of the Lake has a bit more unique fish types, as players can fish the area-exclusive Digital Catfish just a few inches off shore. In addition, this area is famous for its mysterious Lake Guardian, who is in fact none other than Seadramon. Seadramon only appears during certain times in the day, and if the player hasn't heard from other Digimon of the Lake Guardian's existence, the chances of him appearing is far less likely. When Seadramon is fished up, the player may request something from him:

  • "Let's be friends" - Seadramon will give the player a Blue Flute, which can be used to call Seadramon anytime. With this, the player can get to Beetle Land.
  • "Teach me a technique" - Seadramon will teach the player Digimon a Water-type technique. Usually it is Giga Freeze or Aqua Magic.
  • "Give me an item" - Seadramon will give the player a Waterbottle, which can make a Rookie Digimon digivolve into Seadramon.

[edit] Fish

The following list contains the fish that appear in the Lake. (and in the entire game, seeing how this is the only place you can fish at)

  • Digital Anchovy
  • Digital Snapper
  • Digital Trout
  • Black Trout
  • Digital Seabass
  • Digital Catfish

[edit] Treasure

  • Medium MP x1
  • Coral Charm - This is MegaSeadramon's Digivolution item. It may rarely be fished up from a pile of scrap if the player cuts their line when fishing.

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