Drill Tunnel

The Drill Tunnel is a location on File Island, seen in the video game Digimon World. It goes through a volcano, Mt. Panorama, which is located directly in the west from Native Forest. It is being dug by the Drimogemon inside, possibly due to the road around Mt. Panorama being blocked by a rockslide.


[edit] Design

The Drill Tunnel consists of three levels. The first level consists of only the tunnel entrance, which can be accessed from a path in western Native Forest. The entrance is separated in two rooms. The first one is just outside the tunnel's front door, overlooking the beach of Dragon's Eye Lake. The second room is beyond the doorway, leading down to the second floor.

The second floor is largest of all levels of Drill Tunnel. When coming from the first level, the road now splits up in three directions. To the west is the Residential Area, where a Drimogemon can be found in pain and then fought against. The south gateway leads to the third level, and to the east there is an underground pond. In the Underground Pond area there is a minigame that must be cleared in order to advance. After that, the tunnel turns north again and there's a pathway that leads to the Lava Cave. The Lava Cave only has one path available at first. Taking this path deep into the cave will eventually lead the player to a desperate Meramon, who must be stopped. In the same area there are two computers that can be looted. After Meramon has been defeated, the lava will harden and another path can be taken down to the hardened lava river. Several computers are there, along with a few DemiMeramon. Also, there will be another tunnel entrance Drimogemon has moved to create. The player must leave and come back much later to see the tunnel ready.

The third level is not nearly as large as the second. It only contains an unfinished tunnel that hits a dead end early in the game. However, later in the game one can notice that several metallic objects have appeared on the walls, and the tunnel now leads further in. The new area is the Leomon Ancestor's Cave, which is an essential place to visit in order to get the Leomon Stone. Another computer stands here, too.

[edit] Events

At the beginning, when the player finds the tunnel entrance, the road around Mt. Panorama will be blocked by a rockslide. During this time, there is no way to get beyond the volcano, but the player can help the Drimogemon in making the tunnel through. The first event takes place in the Residential Area. A Drimogemon has gone nuts from all the heat, and will attack the player Digimon. Drimogemon must be fought and defeated in order to progress. After that, he explains his actions to be the result of digging in a volcano.

After the fight, the player must head to the Underground Pond and offer help to the Drimogemon there. He will give the player a small task of carrying dirt away from the tunnel. There is one pile of dirt that gets smaller and smaller each time the player takes some of it outside. It will take exactly ten trips outside and then back in, and the player Digimon is likely to get exhausted halway through the job. Each round of the Dirt Transport Job will increase the Digimon's HP, Offense and Defense, and Drimogemon pays 500 BITs for each round.

After the Dirt Transport Job is complete, Drimogemon will make progress and the tunnel will now lead further in. Drimogemon will stop though, claiming that he can't dig through a big rock standing in the way. The player needs a champion or an ultimate Digimon to push the rock down, opening the path to Lava Cave. Inside there will be a desperate Meramon, who believes that only by harming the island, the Digimon will acknowledge the danger on it. When he is attempting to start an earthquake in the volcano, the player will interfere and Meramon will turn his attention to fight with him. After the fight, the lava cave will cool down and the lava will be hardened, creating a solid surface to walk on. Meramon will join the city, and due to his rampage in the volcano, the player will notice in Native Forest that the earthquake has cleared the rockslide, opening a road around Mt. Panorama. Later on, Drimogemon will have finished the tunnel through the volcano as well, allowing a great shortcut.

[edit] The Ogremon Bandits

After Ogremon has been defeated three times, he will raid the Drill Tunnel and start taking payment for every Digimon to get through. The player notices this when the entrance sign has been smashed outside, and a Market Manager will then come out, cursing that he has to pay to go through. He explains the situation to the player, who must in turn solve the issue. Ogremon and two Agumon will wait the the cross section on the second level. After a brief exchange of words, the final battle with Ogremon commences, and his defeat leads to him ultimately joining the city.

[edit] The Leomon Ancestor's Cave

Leomon has asked the player to help him find a secret thing left behind by his ancestors. After a certain point in the game, the third level of Drill Tunnel will open up further in, leading to a crystal cave with a statue that resembles SaberLeomon. Under the statue is a stone tablet, which must be taken back to Leomon in order to recruit him to the city.

Also, Nanimon can later be found in the cave.

[edit] Enemy Digimon

  • Goburimon x1 (First floor), HP: 600
  • Goburimon x3 (Second floor cross section), HP: 600

Note: When doing the Dirt Transport Job, the Goburimon will not be hostile, and they will thank you for your work instead!

[edit] Treasures

Lava Cave:

  • Protect Floppy
  • Offense Chip x2
  • Quick Chip
  • Medicine
  • Super Defense Disk

Leomon Ancestor's Cave:

  • Offense Chip
  • Stone Tablet (Key Item, also seen as "Leomon Stone")

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