Evil Shows His Face


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Evil Shows His Face
Adventure - 08 - English.pngEpisode 08
Japanese NameDevimon, the Dark Messenger!
Japanese Air Date04/25/1999
English Air Date09/22/1999

Atop Infinity Mountain the kids meet Devimon who reveals himself as the controller of the black gears. He and an Ogremon along with a controlled Leomon attack the kids who soon flee. As they run away they find and a enter a mansion. The mansion turns out to be a creation of Devimon and attacks the kids once more. Sora's digivice activates and somehow drives the black gear out of Leomon. Sora thanks Leomon who stays behind and holds off Ogremon long enough for the children to get away. Devimon destroys File Island which causes for the children to be separated from each other but not their respective digimon.

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