Garurumon (episode)


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Japanese NameThe Blue Wolf! Garurumon
Japanese Air Date03/21/1999
English Air Date08/28/1999

After the battle with Shellmon the kids encounter two Monochromon trying to fight over territory, which they quickly run away from. Soon there after the Digi-Destined find an abandoned bus which they decide to spend the night in. Later during the night, Tai accidently sends an ember onto the tail of a Seadramon, which then attacks the bus where everyone except Tai, Matt, Agumon, and Gabumon are asleep. Gabumon uses the help of Matt and his Friendship to digivolve into Garurumon. With a Howling Blaster, Garurumon defeats the Seadramon and the digi-destined and the digimon spend the rest of the night in the bus.

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