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BIOS Domain
Boss Centarumon
Objective Defeat Centarumon
Floors 6

BIOS Domain is your fourth mission. After talking to Mark Schultz at the tamers club, you will be given the task of defeating Centarumon at BIOS domain.


[edit] Digimon Found

Digimon EL Attack Level Type EXP Bits Floor
Crabmon.jpg Crabmon 1 Scissor Magic Rookie Data 4 40 1
Patamon.jpg Patamon 2 Boom Bubble Rookie Data 7 100 3
Crabmon.jpg Crabmon 1 Scissor Magic Rookie Data 10 160 3
Crabmon.jpg Crabmon 1 Scissor magic Rookie Data 10 160 3
Candlemon.jpg Candlemon 3 Flame Bomber Rookie Data 23 240 4/5
Floramon.jpg Floramon 3 Rain of Pollen Rookie Data 23 240 4/5
Gotsumon.jpg Gotsumon 3 Rock Fist Rookie Data 22 360 4/5
Gabumon.jpg Gabumon 3 Blue Blaster Rookie Data 22 360 4/5
Metalgreymon.jpg MetalGreymon 21 Giga Blaster
Horn Buster
Ultimate Vaccine 54 630 6

[edit] Boss

Digimon EL Attack Level Type EXP Bits Floor
Centarumon.jpg Centarumon Solar Ray Champion Data 102 1050 6
Gabumon.jpg Gabumon Blue Blaster Rookie Data 102 1050 6
Starmon.jpg Starmon Meteor Stream Champion Data 102 1050 6

[edit] Tips

It is recommended that you build your starter to at least EL 11 and digivolve, before attempting to defeat Centarumon. MetalGreymon is very difficult to catch, but with a toy plane, and some other vaccine specific gifts, it can be done. Other than that, it is recommended that you capture a Patamon as well.

[edit] After the mission

After defeating Centarumon go to your headquarter to report your success to your leader. Your leader will give you an entry pass to compete in the Coliseum. He will also give you your next mission, to defeat wild the boss digimon at Drive Domain and Web Domain.

When you exit the room, you will see Chief Engineer Maestro. He wanted to meet your leader to tell him about about the city's Power Generator that went offline because some parts are missing. Because of that, the item machines must be shut down. Due to this, you can only buy EP Pack-1 from the item vendor.

If you go to the Tamer's Club, you will see a mysterious girl named Kim. She will talk about parts, Device Dome and her sister. If you go to Digimon Center, you can trade your Crabmon for a Wizardmon. You can now buy new parts and ammo at the Main Gate. It is reccomended to buy parts, especially battery. If you go to Meditation Dome and talk with Angemon, you will ask about Device Dome and Angemon will tell you a story about it.

Disk Domain BIOS Domain Drive Domain
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