Gunslinger is a military spy satellite which serves as the setting for the confrontation with Lord Megadeath in Digimon World 2003/3.

The interior of the large satellite is very dark, and incorporates a security system which only allows passage to those who can solve a maze of teleportation systems and platforms to activate three computer terminals. The external areas offer a view of the planet, and are guarded by security droids. The stairs leading up to the control room also offer a view of the planet, and are guarded by Armageddemon. The control room features a special machine which can DNA Digivolve multiple Vemmons to form Snatchmon.

The satellite is armed with a superweapon, the Ragnarok Cannon. The weapon does not appear to be designed to harm its target, rather, it absorbs the data from the target which is then used to power Snatchmon. Unfortunately for Lord Megadeath, this fails when he is killed by Snatchmon who absorbs his data. Snatchmon then merges with the Gunslinger to become Galacticmon. The Gunslinger's remains are apparently destroyed when Galacticmon is defeated by the player.

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