It Came From the Other Side

Hopeless, Takato and Henry have Gargomon stand on his head, hoping that maybe it will make him de-digivolve. Henry goes to bed, dreaming of a time when he was playing his Digimon computer game and Terriermon encountering Gorillamon. When he wakes up he sees that Terriermon is back to his normal self, apologetic and tired. After Takato sketches Guilmon’s Champion form, he and Henry walk downtown, when they suddenly notice that a digital field is following them. It turns out to be Gorillamon, and it will not return unless it fights Terriermon. This triggers memories of Henry playing his Digimon computer game, unable to stop Terriermon from digivolving on the game. After remembering how he was able to obtain Terriermon in real life along with his realization that Digimon are real, he suddenly has a stroke of brilliance. Henry pulls out the Training Grips card, the card given to Takato by Kazu. He flings these at Gorillamon, and while he’s caught of guard they attack and defeat the Digimon. However, Henry makes sure that Terriermon does not absorb the data of Gorillamon. Takato decides that he and Guilmon make a good team, while Henry and Terriermon do as well.

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