Joe's Battle


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LadyDevimon the beautiful, ruthless and powerful digimon stops the DigiDestined before they can go any further. Tai, thinking this would be an easy battle sends off Sora and T.K to find the rest of the team. This leaves now only Tai, Izzy, and Kari with their digimon to face off against LadyDevimon. Elsewhere, Mimi and Joe find Elecmon in the destroyed village of New Beginnings and managed to convince him to join their cause. Joe suddenly announces to Mimi that he and Gomamon will leave to find their own purpose leaving Mimi and Palmon alone. Angewomon faces off against LadyDevimon but once WarGreymon sees that she has trouble he quickly lends a helping hand to her. Once LadyDevimon is defeated the kids don't have any time to rest as now their greatest challenge ever has now appeared, Piedmon, the last of the Dark Masters.

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