Japanese nameナイトモン (Knightmon)
Special TechniqueBerserk Sword

Digivolution Line


Knightmon is an ultimate puppet Digimon of the data type. They consist of several reanimated pieces of heavy armor, some of them which have royal decorations. Their motives don't seem to belong to any royal family in particular. Knightmon are severely loyal, and will bond with anybody they consider their masters. They can differentiate good from evil, but their loyalty forces them to perform evil deeds if their masters so wish for it. Their special attack is Berserk Sword, on which they use the claymore they masterfully wield in order to slice their opponent in half.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World 3

A pair of Knightmon serve as Amaterasu City's defense mechanism against illegal access. Amaterasu's Knightmon are invincible; they cannot be successfully engaged and terminated. They also possess great power and speed, making them deadly to even face. The game is not programmed to react to the Knightmon being defeated, and so hangs if such a situation arises. They can be bypassed if the player collects all four I.D. cards from the A.o.A chiefs at Amaterasu Server.

Three beatable Knightmon must be faced before engaging Asuka's Chief Officer at the Master Room.

Knightmon is also a white card on the Digimon Card Battle sidequest.

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