Japanese nameメルキューレモン (Mercuremon)
Special TechniqueGenerous Mirror

Digivolution Line

Human HybridMercurymon
Beast HybridSefirotmon
Fusion Hybrid
Unified HybridMagnaGarurumon
Ancient HybridSusanoomon

Mercurymon (メルキューレモン "Mercuremon") is a human hybrid Digimon of the data type. Its whole body is crafted of fine mirrors that can reflect almost any incoming force, not necessarily light. It is one of the ten great warriors and represents the spirit of metal. Any being that activates the human Digi-Spirit of metal can potentially evolve into Mercurymon. Its special attack, Generous Mirror, activates in two phases: in the first phase, its left-hand mirror absorbs any incoming attack; in the second phase, the attack is amplified and fired back using right-hand mirror.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Data Squad

Daimon Suguru (Masaru's father) and Mercurimon decided to work together to create a new world, where digimons and humans could live together. But when Masaru and the DATS' team goes to the Digital World, Mercurimon is defeated by Gizmon AT, who it's under Kurata's orders.

[edit] Digimon Frontier

Mercurymon is one of the 5 digi-spirits controlled by Cherubimon. It was corrupted and used to fight against the chosen children. Mercurymon performs a slide-evolution into Sefirotmon as a last resort against the children, and entraps them on its spheres.

[edit] Game Appearances

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