Native Forest

Native Forest (迷わすの森 "Perplexing Forest") is a location on the Digimon World game. It limits with Tropical Jungle on the east, with Mt. Panorama and Beetle Land on the west, and with the ocean on the south. Subsections of the forest include the eastern and northeastern parts of the Dragon's Eye Lake and Coela Point. File City and an entrance to Drill Tunnel are hidden among the perplexing forest.

[edit] Structure

The Native Forest, as its name suggests, is a large forest area. Several signs are scattered throughout the forest, perhaps built by the Digimon at File City as to not get lost. There are also oddly positioned unused power outlets and trapdoor structures, though they do not serve any evident purpose whatsoever. File City is located within the forest; the city connects to the eastern forest via Green Gym and the main plaza. From File City's main plaza, a rather large path leads to a big rock-like structure, which serves as the entrance to Mt. Panorama. Directly below Mt. Panorama's entrance, a path along a small cliff leads to Drill Tunnel's entrance, which can be used as a shortcut between the forest and Gear Savanna. Following south from the mountain, a large clear with a toilet opens up; it has ramifications to the south, west and east. Following the west ramification leads to the northeastern section of Dragon's Eye Lake. The south path leads to another clear area, which connects to the eastern section of Dragon's Eye Lake on its west path, while the eastern path leads to a rather large, apparently hollowed out tree. From the hollowed tree, following north leads to Kunemon's Nest, which connects to the toilet area of the forest. From Kunemon's Nest, two more paths open up: following the northern one brings to the Digimon Bridge, which one can follow towards Tropical Jungle or continue opposite from the bridge to arrive at File City again. The southern path leads to Coela Point.

Coela Point (シーラ岬 "Coela Cape") is a cape formation at the forest's southeastern region. It connects to Tropical Jungle, but a marine transportation device is needed in order to travel from the forest to the jungle.

Kunemon's Nest (クネモンのねどこ "Kunemon's Bed") is a special area on the forest Kunemon and Dokunemon tend to swarm, specially at night. It is also the only place in the forest Kunemon are sighted.

The Digimon Bridge (デジブリッジ "Digi Bridge") connects the forest with the Tropical Jungle. The bridge is old, though, and it's bound to collapse.

[edit] Inhabitants

Native Forest's fauna is mostly comprised of plant and insect type Digimon. At days, RedVeggiemon are a common sight; they are mostly conglomerated around the southern parts of the forest, away from the city. ModokiBetamon is an equally common sight preferring the areas closest to File City. Aruraumon tend to come from Tropical Jungle, and so can be seen on grassy areas next to Coela Point and the Digimon Bridge. Dokunemon swarm the forest at night; one can see them almost everywhere on the forest. Goblimon are primitive inhabitants of the forest; they can be seen hanging around on the southern region of the forest and, at night, in a few other areas. Palmon are a rather uncommon sight, differing from Aruraumon, and are only found near Dragon's Eye Lake. Agumon can be seen fooling around the outskirts of File City, and it is said that an Etemon inhabits the hollowed tree on the forest. Kunemon can be seen sporadically while sleeping on Kunemon's Nest. Ninjamon visiting from far away lands may attack unwary peasants on the Digimon Bridge; please do exercise caution if one does appear. Coelamon appears on afternoons at Coela Point, and are willing to serve as transportation between the jungle and the forest. A rather large Seadramon inhabits the eastern part of the lake, close to the forest's shore.

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