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Izzy and Tentomon begin to search for the real Gennai and meet a digimon Vademon who traps them in a bottomless pit. Vademon tricks Izzy into giving up his curiosity and his possessions, which are the tags and crest. They are promptly taken to DemiDevimon. Tentomon feels that he is going to lose Izzy and de-digivolves into Motimon. Motimon helps Izzy find his tag, crest and his curiosity. Motimon is able to digivolve back into Kabuterimon but as the battle goes on he starts to lose, until he digivolves into MegaKabuterimon. MegaKabuterimon is powerful enough to defeat Vademon and the two are sent back to the digital world where they meet up with Matt, T.K, Patamon, and Tsunomon.

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