Now You See It, Now you Don't

The episode starts with Rika being unsure of whether or not Digimon are real. She thinks that maybe Digimon are data with feelings, or even that Digimon are not data at all, but real things. Either way she begins to realize that they may not be just fighting machines. In the morning, when Takato visits Guilmon, Guilmon tells Takato that he dreamt he was disappearing. Oddly enough, he really does begin to disappear, and Takato freaks out and goes to see Henry. Henry theorizes that Guilmon is probably starting to return to the Digital World, and that there is nothing they can do to stop it. After school, Takato goes to the park and sees Guilmon playing with Calumon. He asks Calumon if he is lonely and if he has a home, but he says no to both. Calumon leaves and Takato takes Guilmon to look for Calumon, but runs into Rika and Renamon instead. Rika demands a fight at first, but then decides against it and invites them to her house. She tells him about her dream (involving Lynxmon and Renamon). Afterward, Takato tells her about Guilmon disappearing, and she says that it is no big deal. Takato is very surprised to learn that Rika still considers Digimon purely as data. As Takato and Guilmon walk home, Guilmon begins to disappear, only much faster then he did before. Takato worriedly calls Henry to come, and together they seek out Rika. When Terriermon and Renamon begin to disappear as well, they think it might be coming from the tunnel close by. So, they go in the tunnel, and see a big bubble surrounding the area. A place opens up for them to go inside, and they find Guilmon. Guilmon makes it possible for everyone to escape, and they make it out just as the field is erased.

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