Ogremon's Honor

SaberLeomon meet Mimi and Joe and takes them to a safe place with Ogremon. Along the way they meet Otamamon and Geckomon. Elsewhere Puppetmon challenges the others to go into a crow of tough and mean RedVegimon who are destroyed by the team later on. Puppetmon is angered by what he sees so he give life to his house and crushes the kids inside. MetalEtemon confronts Leomon while he is with the Joe and Mimi, and the rest of the digimon. Leomon is forced to digivolve into his mega and the fight. Joe senses that SaberLeomon will need help so he has Gommamon digivolve into Zudomon to help beat MetalEtemon. In the mansion Puppetmon tries to control MetalGarurumon to attack the team.But he refuses to be controlled and ultimately destroys Puppetmon. During the fight SaberLeomon is injured and become seriously ill on the brink of death. He tells a saddened Mimi that he will return to the Village of Beginnings. Zudomon uses his Vulcan's Hammer to crack open MetalEtemon's chest and beat him. Mimi and Joe vow to beat the Drak Masters and restore the village for a safe return of Leomon.

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