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WarGreymon is just about to be destroyed by MetalSeadramon when Whamon steps in and takes the hit for WarGreymon. While MetalSeadramon is stunned that he missed WarGreymon use an attack of his own "River of Power" and ultimately destroys MetalSeadramon. Tai becomes excited to be able to fight and defeat the rest of the Dark Masters. Puppetmon makes a plan to destroy the kids. He makes "voodoo" dolls of them and using them seperates Matt and T.K from the rest. Puppetmon corners T.K. and a Kiwimon attacks the others. Puppetmon is tricked by T.K. and smashes his dolls. Kiwimon is defeated by the digimon of the digi destined. Puppetmon vows to get revenge on T.K. and Matt seems to have disappeared.

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