Princess Karoake


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Joa and Tai having split up from Matt and T.K to search for the others discover Mimi's location and find her being treated like a princess by the Geckomon. She was taken there so that with her beautiful singing she could wake up ShogunGeckomon. Mimi starts to act like a cruel princess and has Sora, Tai, and Joe along with the digimon be locked up in the dungeon after Tai calls her a spoiled brat. At night she has a nightmare and sees what she has become and begs for forgiveness of her friends. Sora convinces Mimi to sing and awakens ShogunGeckomon. He awakens angrily and attacks the team, but MetalGreymon appears in time to stop any damage to be done to the team. Mimi once again ask for forgiveness to her friends.

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