Japanese Nameロセモン (Rosemon)
Special TechniqueThorn Whip
VariationsRosemon Burst Mode

Digivolution Line


This page is dedicated to Rosemon as it appears on Digimon games. For the Rosemon that appears on Digimon Savers, please refer to Rosemon (Data Squad)

Rosemon (ロセモン "Rosemon") Fairy-type, Mega Digimon of the Data kind. Unlike Lillymon, Rosemon's flower bloom covers up her eyes. A thorny vine grows up on her body, granting her with a rapier-like weapon on her right hand, and a whip on her left hand. It is said that Rosemon become Babamon once they have lived long enough or if their core gets cursed or stolen.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Savers

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

  • Rosemon is a playable card of the Nature type, ultimate level. Her support attack is Fascination, which is set up as an Eat-Up-HP move. Her other attacks are set to Thorny Whipping for circle and Rose Rapier for Triangle.
  • A security program for the Digital World snatched a Rosemon core in order to have a physical appearance, and appears sporadically throughout the cities, usually giving tips to the player. It is the same program that gives an end to A's threat once the player beats his hacked deck.
  • The Rosemon who lost its core to the security program appears as a post-game card tamer the player can battle. Her deck data states a tricolor deck named Rose Garden. After the player beats Rosemon, he or she is granted the Rosemon's Lure option card, which empties the opponent's hand and DP slot.

[edit] Digimon World 2003

  • Rosemon is an obtainable evolution for any starter. The player must attain a level 40 Angewomon for Rosemon to become selectable. She uses her Rose Rapier attack as a regular move.

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