Security Program (Digimon Digital Card Battle)

Security Program (Rosemon)
Japanese Nameロセモン (Rosemon)
Special TechniqueThorn Whip

Digivolution Line


The Digital World Security Program, or simply Security Program, is an entity created to counter Analogman's threat on the game Digimon Digital Card Battle. She assists the player along the game, urging them to become "the greatest card tamer", without fully revealing its intentions until late in the game. It snatched the first Digimon core it could find at the beginning of the game in order to have a physical body, which happened to be a Rosemon core.

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[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

The security program was created as a counter-measure to Analogman, who was trying to hack into the Digital World. It took Rosemon's core on Beginner City, forcing the latter to evolve into Babamon. The security program proceeded then to follow the main protagonist around, providing him with general advice and urging him to become "the best card tamer ever". It never fully explains how or why did it chose the main protagonist, given the quantity of chosen children present at the time on the Digital World.

The security program acts like a supporting character the player can't challenge to a duel until the end of the game, where its true intentions are revealed. After the protagonist defeats VenomMyotismon of Infinity Tower at the Battle Arena, A gains control of the tower via a Back Dimension, and proceeds to possess VenmomMyotismon's core in order to materialize. The security program appears on the Back Dimension's Battle Café, and the player can interact with it to gain knowledge about the current situation. The security program reveals itself as a code created to counter Analogman's invasion. It also reveals that the card game the plot is centered about is its invention; it created the card game with a trap routine embedded into it that would activate if A were to lose a battle; A losing the card game would output a special value that would force him to repeat the exit routine endlessly. A's deck, Darkness Wave, seems to be compressed and locked, which binds the security system on what it can do; as it cannot gain access to it and freely manipulate A's deck, or even counter his cheating, the security system relies on the player winning his match against A to take action.

After the protagonist defeats A, the trap routine sets off, forcing A to repeat the game's exit routine endlessly. The security program then detaches herself from the Rosemon core and casts A over a secured area of the net he would never be able to break free from, along with itself. Their fate remains ambiguous, but it is implied that the security program successfully contained A, as none have further appeared on any media.

Rosemon's core returned to its rightful owner after the events at Infinity Tower, allowing Babamon to become Rosemon once again. The core and, by extension, the proper Rosemon, hold no memories of the security program nor the events at Infinity Tower, much to the protagonist's dismay.

The security program holds the same Rose Garden deck as the real Rosemon, but the player is not allowed to challenge the security program; the deck is only available for dueling after Babamon regains her Rosemon core.

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