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Japanese Nameシェイドラモン (Shadramon)
Special TechniqueFlare Buster
Base FormWormmon

Shadramon (シェイドラモン "Shadramon") is an insectoid armor Digimon of the virus type. It resembles an armored ant, complete with a set of flaming wings that don't really support him on prolonged flight. Shadramon is the result of a Wormmon evolving through the Digi_Egg of Courage. It has mild psychic and pyrokinesis powers, as evidenced by his Flare Buster and Psychic Wave attacks. It can also charge at its opponents while enveloping itself with psychic blades during its Serrated Screw attack.

[edit] Anime Appearances

None so far.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

Shadramon is a card tamer the player can challenge. Its Evil Fire deck revolves around overwhelming its opponents with sheer attack power and crippling rare specialists. Shadramon first appears on Junk City after being taken over by the Digimon Kaiser.

Shadramon is also an obtainable Digi-Egg the player can acquire for Wormmon. In order to get Shadramon, the player must acquire Wormmon's Digi-Egg of Courage.

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