The Arrival of SkullGreymon


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A Digimon Adventure episode.

Izzy explains the certain requirements that digimon need to have in order to digivolve. They are that the partner must be in danger and that they must have a lot of energy. Tai wants to see Agumon digivolve, so he gives Agumon as much food as he can if it were needed. Joe's tag indicates that his tag is in a coliseum nearby. Etemon once again appears and uses an evil Greymon to attack the team. Agumon digivolves into SkullGreymon after not being able to defeat the other Greymon as Greymon. With new strength SkullGreymon defeats the Greymon much more easily. Now with nothing to do the SkullGreymon turns on the team and attacks them with no end in sight up until he runs out of energy. The search for Joe's tag continues and results in the finding of the tag.

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