The Legend of the DigiDestined


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A Digimon Adventure episode.

Leomon attacks T.K. and Patamon with the help of Ogremon. But before they can do any real damage the rest of the team arrives. Using the power of the digivices, the black gears in Leomon are dislodged and he is restored to normal. Leomon tells the team about the prophecies of the DigiDestined that says that they will bring peace back to the island. Realizing that they could return home by defeating Devimon, the team sets out to confront Devimon and finish him off once and for all at Infinity Mountain. Devimon absorbs multiple black gears and grows in size and in strength so even in a digivolved state the digimon fail to defeat Devimon. Patamon, wanting to help out somehow digivolves into Angemon and using all of his strength and power defeats Devimon using his main attack known as "Hand of Fate." Since all of the energy was used up in the fight Angemon turns into a digi-egg where he will one day be born again.

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