Japanese Nameティラノモン (Tyrannomon)
Special TechniqueFire Breath

Digivolution Line

In-TrainingGigimon or None.
RookieGuilmon or Goburimon

Tyrannomon (ティラノモン Tyrannomon) is an an ancient champion dinosaur Digimon of the data type. Their red and green scales blend with the colors of the wastelands they inhabit. Their vicious fangs and sharp claws make up for its lethargic movement, and can prove to be fatal is a direct hit connects properly. Their special attack is the Fire Breath, on which they exhale fire out of their mouth.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Adventure

Etemon sent a Tyrannomon out to get Matt and Izzy when they found their crests, near Piximon's home. Piximon defended the digi-destined from Tyrannomon, and in the end Taichi "Tai" Kamiya and Greymon appeared.

Tyrannomon was defeated by Greymon.

[edit] Digimon Adventure 02

The Digital Emperor used 5 Tyrannomon to defeat Flamedramon, Digmon and Halsemon so they couldn't interfere.

The Tyrannomon under the control of the Dark Rings, did their job successfully, but were defeated by Nefertimon and Pegasusmon shortly after.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

Tyrannomon appears as a partner digimon and a boss digimon. Tyrannomon is found as a boss when you first enter Ancient Dino Region, you have no option in this fight. The moment you step in he appears and challenges you to a fight.

Tyrannomon can be obtained from Agumon, Gabumon and Patamon by getting its HP to 1000+, its defence to 100+, making 4-5 care mistakes and getting its weight to 30. It can digivolve to MetalGreymon or Megadramon. Tyrannomon can also special digivolve to Vademon if it's age reaches 15. When this requirement is fulfilled, there is a 50% chance of Tyrannomon special digivolving to Vademon.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

Tyrannomon appears as a card tamer the player can face at Pyramid City. Its Paleo-Energy deck searches to punish nature specialists and decimate their enemies with fast evolution.

[edit] Card data


Tyranno card.png





Hit points








Cross attack effect

Nature x 3

Support effect


Circle attack

Blaze Blaster

520 AP

Triangle attack

Dino Kick

380 AP

Cross attack

Wild Buster

150 AP

[edit] Digimon World 2

Tyrannomon is a random enemy encounter and possible partner Digimon in this game. Its special attack is set to Blaze Blast. It evolves from Elecmon with zero to two DP and will evolve into MasterTyrannomon if it has more than eight DP, else it will evolve into Triceramon.

[edit] Digimon World DS

Tyrannomon digivolves from Goburimon at level 10 if it has at least 200 dragon experience. It can then digivolve into Triceramon at level 24.

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