WarGreymon X

WarGreymon X
Japanese NameWar Greymon X (ウォーグレイモンX抗体 Uoogureimon X-Koutai)
Special TechniqueGaia Force ZERO, Great Tornado, Poseidon Force

Digivolution Line

RookieAgumon X
ChampionGreymon X
UltimateMetalGreymon X

WarGreymon X is an illegal Digimon modified through the X-Program. Like in many other Digimon, the X-Program caused WarGreymon's Digi-Core to Mutate, causing a Digivolution. The end-result re-equips him with brand new Battle Armor, allowing him to fight at maximum potential.

[edit] Anime Appearances

WarGreymon X appeared in the Movie Digimon X-Evolution. He survived the X-Program, an evil program that reset the Digital World.

[edit] Game Appearances

WarGreymon X is a playable Digimon in Digimon World 4.

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