WereGarurumon's Diner


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Matt and Gabumon enter a digimon owned restaurant and discover that Joe is being forced to work for Vegimon for not being able to pay off a food bill. Later on accidents happen in the restaurant which make Joe become even more entangled in debt that makes Matt, who is also know working to pay off debt, question Joe's friendship. DemiDevimon has ordered Vegimon who is like his henchmen to keep Joe working there forever. Tai and T.K arrive and reveal that DemiDevimon is an evil digimon. A battle follows and put T.K's life in danger which Joe saves by putting himself at risk. Gabumon digivoles into Garurumon to help out in the battle but as he sees that Joe is a true friend this gives Garurumon the energy with the help of the crest to digivolve into WereGarurumon who defeats Vegimon.

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