A Question of Trust

Takato starts to design Growlmon- what he thinks should be Guilmon’s Champion form. Later that night, Impmon causes trouble in the park before noticing that Guilmon is locked in the shed. He demands some of Guimon’s food, and belittles Guilmon for being “A Digipet.” The next day the class has a discussion about who is the person behind the mischief in the park. Takato and Henry decide that it could not possibly be Guilmon, but they still need to be careful because teachers are starting to patrol the park. However, this doesn’t deter Takato, who goes to the park that night to feed Guilmon. Takato pleads with Guilmon not to leave the shed, and then is stopped on his way home by a cop. Takato’s teacher, Ms. Isaji, makes up an excuse for him and then escorts him home. As soon as Ms. Isaji leaves Takato runs to the shed, which he finds empty, and he immediately assumes that Guilmon really is the culprit. When Guilmon returns, Takato loses his temper, telling Guilmon off before running home. The next night, a powerful Digimon (Devidramon) breaks through and begins attacking Guilmon. Guilmon refuses to fight back, even when Terriermon and Renamon show up to fight as well. Only when Takato finds out who was really the culprit and forgives Guilmon does Guilmon start attacking, eventually digivolving into Growlmon. Growlmon easily defeats Devidramon, and scares off Calumon in the process.

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