Agumon X

Agumon X
Japanese NameAgumon X-Antibody ( アグモンX抗体 Agumon X-Koutai )
Special TechniqueBaby Burner, Spitfire
VariationsAgumon, SnowAgumon, BlackAgumon, ToyAgumon, BlackToyAgumon, ClearAgumon

Digivolution Line

ChampionGreymon X
UltimateMetalGreymon X
MegaWarGreymon X

Agumon X is an illegal Digimon modified through the X-Program. Like many other Digimon, the X-Program caused his Digi-Core to mutate, causing him to Digivolve. The Digivolution causes his muscle mass to increase and Blue Stripes to appear on his body. The Digivolution also boosted the power of his Fire-Breathing, allowing him to shoot a jet of flames out of his mouth.


  • Baby Burner - Fires a jet of flames from it's mouth.

[edit] Anime Appearances

Agumon X has had no Anime Appearances so far.

[edit] Game Appearances

Agumon X has had no Video Game appearances so far.

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