Analogman, or simply A (ア "A" or アナログマン "Analogman") is the main antagonist for the games Digimon World and Digimon Digital Card Battle. A was a computer hacker who desired to take control of the Digital World. According to A, Digimon are but mere tools and should be subordinate to humans. He was able to seize File Island before the events of Digimon World. As for the events of Digimon Digital Card Battle, A was trapped in an infinite loop on a secured area of the net and so no longer poses a threat to the Digital World. A shares similarities with Akihiro Kurata from Digimon Data Squad, including his lunatic views on Digimon and how they should be used.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Digimon World

A's past remains a mystery, though it is known he is a middle-aged male human with a high ability with computers. Before the events of the game, Analogman successfully seized the majority of File Island. His attack method consisted in forcing Digimon to "forget their language", which made them go away from File City, transforming them into primitive lifeforms, though some still retain their ability to talk. Digimon under this state became unable to recognize each other; most of them also became highly hostile and volatile. The trigger of this state was connected with Giromon's malfunction as the manager of Factorial Town, which failed to attend a critical leakage. His plot continued until Jijimon of File City called upon a human child for help. This child would then befriend a partner Digimon, which he would subsequently use to both revert the damage done by A and to challenge A to a final duel.

Upon reaching a certain prosperity rate of the city, the player is allowed to enter Mt. Infinity, Analogman's lair on File City. Upon defeating his bodyguard team consisting of Devimon, MetalGreymon and Megadramon, A reveals himself and his plan. A sees Digimon as mere tools who should subdue to human's wills. The player's character disagrees, stating that Digmon and humans should be friends. This argument develops into a deathmatch between the player's current Digimon and Machinedramon, A's final stand.

A is eventually defeated, but rather than retreating, he activates a time bomb that would wipe the entire island. Jijimon, among other recruited Digimon the player have met, arrive at the scene and attempt to defuse the bomb. While they were not successful in defusing it completely, they managed to make it malfunction. A previously recruited Airdramon appears and carries the player and the other Digimon to safety. A could not avert the bomb's detonation, which killed his physical body; as Jijimon explains, though, his soul is still present on the Digital World, which allows the opening of Back Dimension, the only place he is now allowed to exist. Under the influence of A's Back Dimension, a place may be transformed into a sort of extension of Mt. Infinity. Any Digimon on that place may get possessed by A, which would proceed to force it to evolve into another Machinedramon.

Although A's plan was successful and most Digimon became brainwashed into being hostile beasts, some Digimon managed to avert the crisis by unknown means. Among the Digimon that didn't became hostile after A's attack are Jijimon and the In-Training Digimon of File City, Myotismon of Grey Lord's Mansion, MasterTyrannomon of the Dino Region, Centarumon of the Amida Forest and Frigimon of Freezeland.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

A's soul lingered on the Digital World for long enough to gain enough strength to attempt a new full-scale attack. This abnormal activity raised the alarm of a security system located at the Digital World's matrix (allegedly created by the time A was beaten for the first time). The security matrix, having snatched a Rosemon's core, contacted a child on the Digital World, and urged him to become "the best tamer", without fully explaining herself.

A remains in a dormant state until the player beats the Infinity Tower Arena. Once the player beats the arena, A reveals himself and takes possession of a VenomMyotismon's core. Even though A states that card games are childish, he sees no ill in challenging the player into a card duel before taking over the Digital World. Boasting of his abilities, A explicitly cheats by controlling which cards both him and the player draws, making sure the player's partner cards get permanently stuck in the bottom of the deck, regardless of shuffling. Beating A in a card duel appears to activate a defense mechanism; this defense mechanism would leave A open for an attack. Releasing herself from the Rosemon core, the system injects itself on A, forcing him into "an endless loop of pointless calculations". Subsequently, the security system throws itself with A into the Deep Web before the later could regain his composure from the last attack. Both cores returned to their rightful owners before being cast away, allowing VenomMyotismon to regain control of his body and Babamon to become Rosemon once again.

Analogman's fate is left ambiguous as for the epilogue, though it is implied that his soul was left wandering the Deep Web endlessly, rent unable to do any harm.

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