Biyomon Gets Firepower

Biyomon Gets Firepower
Adventure - 04 - English.pngEpisode 04
Japanese NameRed Hot! Birdramon
Japanese Air Date03/28/1999
English Air Date09/04/1999

The Digimon and the Digi-Destined continue to travel following the phone lines and end up in a Yokomon village at the foot of Mt. Miharashi which is a village. The Yokomon are a pre-digivolution of Biyomon. The Yokomon end up housing and feeding everyone of their visitors. At one point when everyone was rested one of the local Yokomon spots the Meramon, a fire digimon, which guards the village gets hit by a black gear. The digimon's attacks are useless against Meramon. Biyomon sees Sora in danger and digivolves into Birdramon, the champion form of Biyomon, and drives the black gear out of the Meramon which was controlling him the whole time.

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