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[edit] Description

Cardmon is a Rookie level digimon. This is a unique digimon who only makes it's appearance in Digimon World 3/Digimon World 2003. They live up in trees and under the water, and only come out when a kicked is bumped hard enough or when they are fished out of the water. They are timid though and won't stay to fight for long.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World 3

Cardmon appears in any tree or fishing spot on this game. To knock them out of trees, you must use the Kicking Boots, and to fish them out of the water you must have a Fishing Rod. They have 4 variations, each with a certain number of cards attached. These vary from 1 card to 4, depending on the server and area. The more cards they have on them, the tougher they are, and they quicker they will try to flee from battle as well.

When you beat them, you automatically pick up a booster pack of monster cards from the battle, the tougher the Cardmon was, the better the booster pack.

If they attack you, sometimes a message will appear notifying you that your digimon is now cursed. All this means is that one or more of your digimon's stats have been reduced by 1 or more until you use a Gatomon's Inn, which is those only way to get rid of curse.

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